We started an alphabet tree, here is my tot adding the A and E from last week and this week to it, we will add letters each week as we learn them. I made a quick sheet of colored letters you can download here if you want them! We are reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom as well, my tree doesn’t quite resemble the palm tree in the book, but its what we had, so yeah, we’re using it.

She’s also sorting from small to big, or visa versa using Apples, downloaded from here, my new favorite blog!

Letter A Lacing cards, she has a lowercase one as well, downloaded from here, but I’ve found she’ll only do 1 at a time.

An apple tree Aa puzzle, downloaded from here

A is for Ant coloring page:

Sorting out the letter A and a from the others using magnetic letters and whiteboard:

A fun game of Feel and Find, there are 22 cards and corresponding shapes, the idea is to look at the card, then stick your hand in the bag and feel to find the correct shape. She’ll most likely dump the whole bag on the floor and match the shapes to the cards, but that’s cool with me too.


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