So, my 3rd born decided to enroll in the “I cut my own hair” club last night. She said she didn’t like her curls anymore and wanted them off. Praise God she didn’t get too far along before I caught her. We managed to clip the ‘pieces’ back with a barrette so its not as easy to tell, but seriously kid! And this is 2 weeks before she’s flower girl in a wedding mind you…

So on to boxes! I decided to do review on Fridays for all the letter stuff she learned all week. I let her pick her favorite Letter A games and fill her own boxes, she loved this idea! She chose the Aa matching ant game, you can download it here.

She also chose the anthill counting game, the goal being to put the correct amount of ants on the hill based on what the card says. You can download this one here!

Next up was the Apple Aa matching game and apple counting, I downloaded both from here.

Next she requestsed some cutting strips, her favorite activity (see top of this post ;o) )

Her Aa lacing cards, you can download a copy here.

And finally some Itty Bitty Tot School pics…still working on furniture walking, climbing 101…oh and eating the numbers off our workboxes, that also ranks as her number 1 fun thing!


  1. I am burning up my copier! I have just found your site and WOW!!!!!!!!!Thanks so much for sharing all your cool resources!Can I ask….can you add a "subscribe to your email" somewhere? I don't do RSS feeds, but I love getting emails! Thanks!Elissa

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