We did our Friday Nature Walk today, we didn’t go too far tho’. Thanks to the generosity of my neighbor, we were able to go into her backyard, and observe and draw her beautiful flowers! Let’s just say my yard isn’t quite so….um…colorful.

So we talked about all the cool things God has made in our plant world, my neighbor has a nice variety of these things, and then settled on these super purple flowers to do an outside art class on.

After class we came back inside and looked at different types of plants with our microscope. The slides are from www.lakeshorelearning.com and the microscope is a Vivitar 28 Piece microscope from Amazon. I can’t say I love it, the images aren’t as clear as I’d like, but then for what we spent and the fact that its being used by 3 kids 6 and under, its good for us for now.

After boxes were done we played our new Stair Phonics Game, courtesy my dear friend. How it works: your eager child stands at the top of the stairs and you say a word, and they have to guess the vowel sound they hear in it. If they are correct, hop down a stair, if incorrect, back up a stair. You win when you hit the bottom! We also switched it and I said a vowel and he came up with a word. For my 2nd grader, who wanted in on the fun, I said a spelling word, and she had to spell it out. For my 3 yr old who just likes to hop, I asked her the 2 letters she knows now: A and E and she had to tell me their sounds. I also made her count the rest of the stairs as she hopped down them.

We also have our Kinderbach piano lessons this afternoon, but we’ll do that after a break.
And lest someone be left out, our Teeny Tiny Tot joined in the fun and we all just screamed with excitement as our baby climbed her way to the top! Rest assured, fun was had by all!

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