Okay, so I’m still bummed about my camera and the total LACK of fun photos, and the fact that if I HAD it today, I would’ve shown you pictures of my 9mos old pushing down the baby gate in order to get up the stairs…let’s just say she’s, um, “focused and determined.” I’m hoping these skills will come in handy later for school ;o)

Boxes are loaded for tomorrow and are as follows:

1. I coloring or decorating page
2. Big/Little Pom-pom sort
3. Ii Puzzle
4. Ice Cream Scoop Counting 1-10
5. Snowman Match up
6. Letter I Magnet Page (use with pom-pom magnets, or magnet’s from Amazon.

7. Poster Center: Color Match up
8. Color/shape Bingo (didn’t do it today!)
9. Art: Shape collage from “How to Teach Art to Kids

Kindergarten Boxes:
1. MUS Lesson 4
2. One Vowel Word Game (Stair hop up)
3. Writing W/Phonics
4. Reading/snack
5. Letters & Sounds
6. Object sort: Same, More, Fewer
7. Abeka Number skills worksheet
8. Art: Shape Collage
9. Jump Start Phonics Game

2nd Grade:
1. MUS Lesson4
2. Spelling Game: Hide letters around house with clue cards, after all letters are retrieved, unscramble to spell word.
3. Abeka Language worksheet, Abeka Phonics Worksheet
4. North American Indians reading
5. First Encyclopedia of Science: Gravity

6. Reading/Snack
7.Art: Shape Collage
8. Typing class 1 (from Sue Patrick’s workbox system!)
9. Read Aloud: Squanto
10. Piano: Kinderbach

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