We started our day off with the Pledge, then moved into a dark closet…

Before you turn me into child services…we went into the closet to discuss how hard it would be to walk through the world in the dark. What was our solution? Turn on the light! Duh 🙂 We all turned on our flashlights and read John 8:12 and discussed how Jesus is the light of the world. After that we came down and made candles to light each night at dinner to remind us of this.

Now, I’m not a candle maker by trade, but it looked like a fun project, so I used this, just because it said ‘microwaveable’. And anything that’s microwaveable seems easier to me.

We also colored ‘place-mats’ to be used at dinner as well. I’ll laminate these for tonight. You might notice I have 3 kids doing school, and only 2 place mats. My youngest thought it would be fun to cut hers into tiny little pieces, so…we’ll see how that one laminates LOL!

After boxes, which were posted yesterday, we made our wigwams. I have to say this project was VERY messy, and I would definitely suggest covering your table or counter well. My son opted for the glue stick as he doesn’t like to be messy and the Elmer’s was too much ‘mess’ for him.

After our wigwams, we’ll make tee-pee’s tomorrow. I thought it would be best to make a little village for all of our newly created homes, so we painted a setting using posterboard & water color.

I’ll post pics tomorrow of our completed village…provided I can pry the wigwams off of the butcher paper ;o)

Here’s a copy of our time line since our wall is going to run out of space quickly. I’m still having them color pieces and put it on the wall, then we put these cool cards on the accordion book. I downloaded the time pieces from this cool site.

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