My dear friends, I have some bad news today… unfortunately, we are mourning the loss of my dearly beloved camera. This is a sad day in the history of the blog…instead of my usual colorful picture blog, I’ll just have to share what photos I did take before “the incident” and just list what’s in boxes for tomorrow. Let’s take a brief pause in remembrance…………………………….

Anyway…here we are on day 2 of our Native American Village. Today we made Tepee’s, we also put a couple fire pits and one canoe in our village.

Okay, so we’re a week late on making the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria, but better late than never right? After making the boats, we took them up to the bathtub to sail them. I would have loved to share pictures of this event, but sadly…let’s pause in remembrance of the camera…..

Unlike the actual event in history, OUR Santa Maria was the only boat that actually made it across the tub to safety. The other’s were too top heavy, falling into the water and sinking. No one aboard made it, not even the pirate that was apparently on the Pinta (See boat on left).

We’ll be doing this tomorrow, I found a fun printable from here. They’ll stock their bags as we read through the story. I got the idea off of this blog, she has tons of info, thanks Erin!

Here’s our box list for tomorrow:
Group Time: Prayer, Days of the week song, Months of the Year song, Calendar counting, Bible study and memory verse John 8:12.

1. Ice Cream Shape Match downloaded from here
2. Big/Little Pom Pom Sorting: Use chopsticks to sort pom-poms into ice cube trays
3. # 3 coloring page
4. Ii Icecream Match Up downloaded from here
5. Double Trouble Shape Matching
6. Big/Little Animal Sorting
7. Color matching big clips
8. Dry erase mazes
9. Color/Shape bingo game
10. Wooden Craft Coloring

1.MUS Lesson 4
2. Introduce Ll, review Tt sounds, Phonics worksheet
3. letters and Sounds K p21 worksheet
4. Reading/snack
5. Writing w/Phonics worksheet
6. Kumon Cutting: T for Toucan
7. Counting 1-20 review
8. I can Do All Things Art worksheet
9. Blend T review
10: #9 magnet page
11. Wooden coloring craft

2nd Grade:
1. MUS Lesson 4
2. Spelling Lesson 4
3. Abeka Language worksheet
4. North American Indians book reading
5. Science: The Sun
6. Reading/snack
7. I Can Do All Things Art page
8. Spanish CD
9. Handwriting Ww Xx Yy Zz
10. Squanto Read aloud
11. wooden craft coloring

So that’s it for the day, sorry for no pics, honey can you pick up a camera on your way home from work! :o)


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