We’d planned on going to the pumpkin patch for our Letter P week, unfortunately weather (snow) made this impossible, so we finally went this weekend. Actually its a whole harvest festival thing and we were so tired by the time we got done that we didn’t even get pumpkins! LOL! Oh well…

Here they are going into the corn maze (which by the way was huge, and very hard!):

Here they are lost in the corn maze, as my 3 year old says “We were totally lost, and didn’t even have a map, I thought we’d never get out of there!”

Some fun in the corn sand box…man that stuff was soooooo DIRTY!!

Riding the barrel train, it goes over fun little hills and all around the festival property.

The duck races, you had to pump water to get the ducks to go…

And the giant pillow jumper, they could barely get on it!

Helicopter rides, just $30/person and they flew around the property and did some fun little dives and turns and such that would’ve made me puke.

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