Anyone can do digital scrapbooking! I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0 right now. You can get it online or at Costco. Sometimes they have deals, I got mine for $40, but then think how much you spend on paper supplies! They have version 8 out now, its $80 at Adobe‘s website, and now version 7.0 is on sale, check out this link!

And there are TONS of resources to help you learn online as well. Lots of free tutorials and even free scrapbooking embellishments and paper etc. Do a google search on ‘photoshop elements scrapbooking tutorials’ or ‘free digital scrapbooking elements’, check out and you’ll get lots of freebie links.

Also on she offers EXCELLENT free tutorials too and some paid classes that are WORTH THE COST! There are some at scrapgirls too. Its really easy and no mess to clean up LOL!

Designer Digitals is another great site with freebies and online tutorials: You Tube Designer Digital Video tutorials

Yes, I use Photoshop Elements to make my school downloads as well. I also use Microsoft Publisher, but mostly to make the PDF files because for some reason if I make a PDF straight out of photoshop the file is WAY bigger than if I make it out of publisher…haven’t figured that one out yet! But photoshop is MUCH better for graphic work than Publisher. And worth the price. Don’t get sucked into all the cheaper scrapbooking softwares out there, they aren’t worth it! You can email me at erica at confessionsofahomeschooler dot com and I’d be happy to help you out more!


  1. Hi, Erica! I’m in the market for Photoshop. Using your provided links, I found Photoshop Elements 10 for under $100. How is this different from the version 8.0 and 7.0 that you mentioned in this post? I primarily want to clean up photos and especially add a professional looking watermark to all my photos.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Kelly,
      I print on Luster Photo paper. You can do it online at, and other various printers. They offer traditional scrapbook sizes as well such as 8×8 and 12×12! I find the Luster paper gives great color and texture for digital pages.

  2. Love your website. Totally new to scrapbooking but I am loving it. I have to make 30 (portfolios)yearbook for my sons preschool kids. What would be the best way for me doing that and not breaking my budget as I have to it by my own.


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