Today is our last day of Letter B and I’m pleased to announce that my 3 year old can in fact tell you what letter she did this week, what sound it makes, and which is the ‘big’ B and which is the ‘little’ b! Yeah, payoff!

Here we are playing our Butterfly Numbers Game, for those of you who downloaded it, when we played I noticed that some rows didn’t have all the numbers on them, and so if we rolled that number and it wasn’t on our row of flowers, we just had to ‘skip a turn’. Sorry, if I make that again I’ll try to make sure to do better LOL! And notice the game pieces…like I said use whatever works!

Our Butterfly Clip Cards, she liked these, but didn’t do them all. I have notice she’s doing much better counting now though, so I think its paying off!

The Capital/lowercase Bb sorting game, she liked this and said each one as she placed it on the game board.

Butterfly counting! She did very well at this one today, just messed up the 10 and 7 and I think its because she got tired and didn’t count them, just put em on! LOL!

Butterfly Numbers Practice…I said I wasn’t going to make her write this year, and I really don’t force this on her, but she likes the dry erase stuff and did several of these cards, so cool…

Our finale: Read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and place our Letter B on the alphabet tree! Good night letter B :o)

And my wonderful mom tried to make us a Bear shaped cookie for snack this week, but unfortunately all the pieces molded into a giant Blob instead, which luckily still worked LOL! Here’s a picture of what was left of the Blob cookie…sorry honey ;o) According to our 3 year old, Daddy can have the crumbs! LOL!

We had Banana’s today to celebrate the letter B and watched Bolt…I have to say I LOVE Rhino – teeheeheehee!

Click here for all of my Letter B downloads!

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