Okay, I’m a sucker for a challenge, and so we just had to do the anti-gravity broom trick…consider this my first (and possibly last haha!) ‘Myth Busters’ post!

I found this on Pink & Green Mama Blog and had to try it. At first I felt like a dork wasting my time trying to stand up a broom in my hallway, until….drum roll please….it worked!

I’m not sure what makes this work and I’ve read some ideas on equinox or gravity stuff but no one seems to know why it works, and I don’t want a bunch of emails saying its a hoax, so I’m not claiming anything other than it was fun and we liked it!

All that said, I was proud of myself, the kids weren’t so impressed, until they tried it themselves, and hey, its all good, just about 5 minutes I’ll never get back, LOL! At least it was a success!

For those of you who can’t resist….leave a comment!

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  1. I had to try it and it worked. The fun part about it was that the kids were outside playing when I did it and when they came in and seen the broom just staning there in the hallway they were a bit shocked. Thanks for sharing, a fun little break in the day 🙂

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