I found a super fun idea ‘tracing shapes with stickers’ for my preschooler today on Her Cup Overfloweth! So cute, I am adding it to my preschool arsenal now!

Actually it was so fun, I had to print copies for my kindergartner and 2nd grader:

Here is a link to a shape tracing template from Coloring Castle, they also have this shape tracer worksheet that gives the connecting dots only and the student has to fill in the missing ones, I used this for the older kids!

I also made a Numbers Tracing Worksheet as well, figure while we’re at it might as well practice numbers! LOL!


  1. Hi, We use the blend ladders to teach phonics, so they learned all the vowels first, then consonants. As they learn each consonant use that blend ladder to practice 'blending' the sounds together, like:T + a = ta, so I say the t sound then the a sound then put them together, and do that all the way down the ladder. As they get that, you can use dry-erase markers to add another consonant at the end of the blend like:ta + p = tap, te+n = ten, ti+p= tip, etc.

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