Hi everyone! My kids have been getting their craft on with some serious Rainbow Loom action these days!


We purchased them as gifts, and man was that one of the best gifts EVER!! I’ll be sharing some of the fun things they have made, but let’s just say that they definitely didn’t stop at those plain old single row bracelets!

Oh NO my friends.

They’ve moved on.

We’ve got earrings.






And a variety of super fancy bracelets.

Ones that take more than one loom if you get my drift.

But those will all come on another day.

Today Strawberry Shortcake is doing a Rainbow Loom Earring tutorial for you!

Tip: Purchase the real Rainbow Loom’s and not the knock-off’s. We purchased ours at Michael’s Craft store, and I believe that is currently the only approved retailer for this product.

The main reason being some projects require you to re-arrange your loom, or even use more than one loom and the Rainbow Loom is the only one at this time that can be taken apart and re-arranged as needed.

That said, we have purchased all different brands of rubber bands and they work well. Some of the brands are a little cheaper and the bands snap, but overall we’ve had good luck with all different brands of rubber bands for the loom.

Age Levels?

The Rainbow Loom company endorses this product for 8+ ages due to choking hazards of the small rubber bands I’m guessing.

However the Teeny Tot who just turned 5 is using this without trouble. I do have to help her fold her bracelet when the time comes, but she’s a master at getting the little rubber bands in place and has probably made more bracelets than all three of my other kiddos combined!

Fine-Motor Skill Practice:

Who would’ve thought something so fun could actually be good for you! Not only is the Rainbow Loom great for working on those fine-motor skills and hand-eye-coordination. But it’s excellent for logical thinking skills as well.

Once my kiddos got the hang of it, they started creating their own amazing and fun projects!


Hope you enjoy these!

Win it!

We love these so much that I just wanted to share it with one of you! Fill out the rafflecopter below to win your own Rainbow Loom! (Sorry, but US Residents only please.)

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Disclosure: This was not a paid post. Actually I don’t ever do paid posts. Our kids just LOVE these looms and I wanted to share! :o)


  1. Last night on Jimmy Kimmel he put out a request for all you rainbow loomers. He is asking for your kids squares and he wants to put them together into a coat. I would check out his website if you want to find out where to send them.


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