This is a post just to let you all know that I’ve officially given up! The Teeny Tiny Tot has won. After weeks of trying to keep her off desks and off chairs and out of everyone’s boxes, I’ve given up. Here’s a glimpse at what our school’s been like lately…imagine trying to do work with this on your desk:

So today, she’s officially joined the homeschooler’s of the household and her grand prize is her very own desk complete with pre-filled workboxes! May she sit on top of her own desk peacefully forevermore. (Note: I’ll paint it a pretty color once its not all snowy outside!)

The boxes have been kindly filled by her siblings in the hopes of a more orderly school time starting tomorrow, here’s a sample of some of her boxes:

As a side note, here’s where we found her this morning:

Please pray for a peaceful co-existence between homeschool and the Teeny Tiny Tot!

Update: Today was a success! She loved her boxes, and climbing on her own desk! Praise God!


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