I found a great website today with these free Pattern Block Printables: Prekinders. They also have a TON of other great ideas! I got my Wooden Pattern Blocks Here!

Anyway, they are a big hit with my kiddos, I also gave them to my 3 year old and asked her to do 1 card.


When I came back, this is what I found:

I think I’ll try making some for my alphabet collection! I also have Pattern Block Design Cards as well. They’re more abstract so I thought my younger one would like the pictures more.

I also have these Pattern Blocks & Cards:
They’re great for logic, patterns, shapes and puzzle making. It also takes some dexterity to place each shape on the board without disturbing the others.

I also made pattern cards for use with these blocks, click the image to download a copy, there are 8 patterns plus a spot to make your own fun pattern!


  1. My boys both loved working with these pattern blocks when they were younger. I had an idea reading your post that I wish I had thought of when my boys were younger and loved working with pattern blocks. I was thinking very simple stamps could be made in the same shapes and a child could make a permanent copy of the pattern after using the blocks to make the pattern. I hope that made sense!Samantha

  2. Thank you! I had no idea there were pattern block printables available. I just printed them all off and laminated them. My 5 year old and 3 year old are sitting on the floor as I'm typing, having a blast with them!

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