One of our fun file folder games is the Paint Brush Color Match game. Everyone plays with this, even the older kids play with this. Must be the cute little paint brushes :o) (Note: the download contains jars for all the colors, our yellow one ripped and I just haven’t reprinted cuz’ I’m lazy!)
The download includes:
  • File Folder Game Cover Page
  • 8 Color Jars (Green, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Purple, Red, Brown)
  • 32 Colored Paint Brushes (4 of each color)
Click here to download the Paint Brush Color Match!


  1. Thanks, just finished making this. It'll go in my sons "after school drawers" today, I think he will really enjoy it. Like your older kids, Egg doesn't need any colour matching help, but fun is good!I made it a little different from the way you did it, I attached the pots to little envelopes and glued the envelopes onto the folder. I glued the colours to the front of the pots.This will be our first folder game!Thanks again xx

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