I constantly have manipulatives all over the place. Sometimes they’re in plastic baggies, sometimes plastic tubs from the store, sometimes they’re just in a bowl, and if the Teeny Tot’s been around they’re all over the floor!  But I’ve come up with a solution, and it even means I don’t have to cook dinner which is AWESOME!

After ordering from a local BBQ restaurant this past weekend, I noticed that their plastic containers for their side dishes were the PERFECT size for storing manipulatives!

I washed them out well, and started sorting! They even come with handy little lids and they stack perfectly, which takes up less space!  We only had 4 this time, so I’ll have to order out again soon as I have lot’s more to sort!


They work really well, and I like that they’re semi-transparent so you can see what’s inside. Now my daughter can just go grab any bucket she wants for her activities.

So the next time you order takeout, make sure to pay attention to their containers! Maybe you can re-cycle them into your homeschool room!


  1. I just found your blog and I am LOVING it! I've gone crazy with downloading and printing. My son starts kindergarden this fall. I really want to homeschool and am so overwhelmed with all their is to know about it. Thanks for your help!

  2. I love using wipes containers with labels on the ends. You can hang a dozen of them compactly in a shoe organizer. I've also been saving all of our berry and tomato containers. The plastic shells make for great storage. Plus you can weave a ribbon through the air holes and use it as a gift box!

  3. First of all, I have REALLY enjoyed using your Letter of the Week curriculum with my kids this summer. Thank you so much! 2nd of all…you should call that place and ask them if they will donte some contatiners to your child's school. I bet they would. I'm never afraid to ask for anything! God Bless!


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