I had no idea that I could ever love a measly $2 roll of aluminum foil so much!


I had this left over from a road trip we took (let the kids play with it in the car). So when we pulled it out for a VBS craft this summer the I let them have at it and about 1 hour later (YES, I said 1 HOUR) they were finally done twisting and turning and taping the foil.

How do I get a free hour to myself you ask? Simple, grab the below supplies and set them on the counter, call in the kids and walk away.


  • Generic box of aluminum foil
  • roll of masking tape
  • scissors (1 per child)

IMG_5847 IMG_5857IMG_5851 IMG_5852

I was so shocked at the attraction of foil that unfortunately I wasted a lot of my ‘free’ time staring in amazement wondering why I hadn’t thought of this before.

IMG_5858 IMG_5859

My 4yr old made a, um, a, duckish boaty type of thing. Yea.


My 7yr old ended up with a bracelet, headband, wand and boat:

Of course my son had to turn it into a weapon of sorts and incase you’re wondering, bullets shoot out the ends.


At first I had a hard time letting them ‘waste’ the foil like that, but when you think about the cost of all those little craft supplies, you really can’t beat a $2 box of foil. And if that’s not enough to sell you, just think back to the moonsand incident and then think how easy foil is to clean up.

You can bet I’ll be pulling this out again!

NOTE: A kind reader reminded me to encourage you all to recycle these fun creations when you’re done!


  1. I LOVE the creativity, but am an earth lover and struggle with the idea of families all over merely throwing away entire boxes of a non-degradable very recyclable substance. (I cringe everytime I have to use the stuff.) I suppose if you were diligent you could remove the tape and toss it in with your tin can recycling. Just thinking a loud about how so much fun could be had while being great stewards of God's beautiful earth.

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