1. Question for ya…I was searching around your blog yesterday and saw your alphabet tree.Well I lost sleep over that thing!! LOL. I couldn't stop thinking about it…it's such a cool idea.I'm just curious how you went about making it? Did you laminate it (pic looks shiny lol)? Do you just tape the letters to it?I can get an idea and then run with it. I was thinking of adding those velcro dots to the branches so the kids can take them on and off as they like…maybe have some on the ground so they look like they fell off the tree. I could always laminate the letters for more durability.I'm just curious how you went about making it.Thanks so much for your time!

  2. I am giggling at what my mind is capable of. When I read your title I translated it into: A Journal Entry Spotlighting Scalloped Potatoes (or some other Scalloped oven dish). mwahahaaaahaaa haaaa. Silly, silly literal mind of mine!

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