Moon Sand: It looks harmless enough, and its even super fun to play with. The best part is that it’s non-hardening & never dries out, so you can use it over and over again, really you’ll have it forever! (Or until enough is swept off the floor and tossed into the trash that there’s none left. This is what I’m hoping for but the stuff just won’t go away!)

There’s only one problem, from my perspective that is. It always starts like this, seemingly innocent children, playing quietly with sand that’s kept neatly inside their learning trays.


But somehow, it ALWAYS ends up spread in a fine dust all over my nicely cleaned floor. (Its a love/hate relationship…much like my feelings about glitter.)


But if you can prepare yourself for the inevitable mess, it will afford your children about an hour of creating time, and fun play.
IMG_3278 IMG_3290
You can roll it out and cut with cookie cutters, mold into almost any shape, build towers, sand castles, and small little heart thingies that your 3 year old loves to come show you.

IMG_3289 IMG_3279

And if you leave them alone long enough, they’ll do something like this to thank you for letting them bust out the Moon Sand. My kids love it so much they’ll even offer to sweep it up off the floor and vacuum the nearby carpet and baby who got caught in the cross-fire.


Note: Sweep your floor first, so that later when you go to sweep up all the sand from your floor, you can put it back in the bucket to re-use again. (Unless you want to throw it away, in which case, DON’T sweep your floor first, then when you go to clean up afterwards, tell your kids that sadly you have to throw it away because its mixed with all the crumbs left over from lunch. And maybe next time they if they eat over their plates, you can save some of their precious sand!)


  1. I had to laugh as we have a love/hate relationship with moon sand too. My kids love it and I think it is really fun but hate cleaning up after.Two things we do:1. Put a vinyl picnic tablecloth on the table so there is easy cleanup there (no trays for us).2. Take it outside on the picnic table or ground with that same tablecloth and you have NO cleanup for the floor. 😉

  2. And when the little one wants to show you his creation you happen to be at the other end of the house, and the time it takeshim to get there involves stopping to look at a book, triping on a shoe and stepping on legos… all of which means that there is Moon Sand all over the hosue…. {man… that sounds like my house.. oh, it is :)At least it's a hour of entertainment.

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