Expedition Earth: Discovering God’s Animals is a FREE animal unit study that is designed to go with my Expedition Earth: A Journey Through God’s World geography curriculum.


What’s included in the Expedition Earth: Discovering God’s Animals

Each country contains a waterfall style mini-book with 6 animals from that country. The flip book has a fun facts sentence for your student to either trace or write depending on skill level. I plan on using this with my preschooler, first grader and 2nd grader as a group (I doubt my pre-k will be doing the writing, but she can cut out the pages and assemble for her animal book, I’ll leave it up to her).


The animal study also comes with animal classification cards for an animal discovery wall along with animal cards for each country so you can classify the animals as you are learning about them. I just made a simple bulletin board for our room so we have somewhere fun to display all of our animals as we learn them.

(I recommend writing the country names on the backs of the animal cards before they get all mixed up on your wall.)

Here’s a sample of the classification cards and Animals of Brazil cards:


Click to download Expedition Earth: Discovering God’s Animals

NOTE: For the older kids I made a version with blank lines to write in their own facts, its a great research project!

Click here to download the Blank Lines version of Discovering God’s Animals

Note: This is intended to be a supplement to the Expedition Earth curriculum but it can also be used as an independent animal unit study.

If you missed it, click here to see the Expedition Earth: A Journey Through God’s World Curriculum!

Hope you enjoy learning all about God’s Animals!


  1. Hello Erica,This looked like something interesting to add to our Geography studies, but when I downloaded it, I only got a sample of the Geography curriculum. There was nothing about animals on it. Did I misunderstand or did I download the wrong thing? Thanks for all the great ideas!

      1. I can’t seem to get Expedition Earth – Discovering God’s Animals to download…..none of your links are bringing anything up. It’s looks really exciting. Hoping you can help. Thanks!

        1. Hi Terri,
          I apologize, some browsers won’t open it because it’s so large. If you try to RIGHT click on the download link then select “SAVE LINK AS” you should be directed to save it to your hard drive, then it will download.

          Let me know if that doesn’t work and I’ll try to send it via You Send It!

    1. Hello,
      Thank you so much for Discovering God’s animals, it is really fun. However, are you going to add by any chance, central America’s animals? As that is where I am from, I think it would be a good addition as well not to excluding central america. Thank You.

  2. To say that I am impressed by your "Expedition Earth" series is a huge understatement! You never cease to amaze me! I, too, tried to download the "Discovering God's Animals" and got the download of the Geography sample.Last, my girls are pre-k and K for this fall…would you suggest using the Geography curriculum this year or waiting for next year? Either way…I'm definitely buying it!

  3. This download looks great! (as does the geography one).As I was looking through the animals, I noticed the Pangolin. We saw one with our very own eyes!!! in Uganda on our hike through Mibira Forest outside of Jinja.I wish I had had a camera with a telephoto lens; my point and shoot got him looking very much like a 'living pine cone'! ;o)

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