You have to check out Truth Be Told, the new premiere tonight on Family Movie Night! It airs tonight, (Saturday 4/16/11), on Fox at 8/7 C.  This sweet show stars Candace Cameron Bure (I was totally a Full House fan!), Ronny Cox, and David James Elliott.

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Truth Be Told is a lighthearted and entertaining story about the pitfalls of compromising your integrity to achieve your goals. It highlights how being honest builds character and earns the trust of others. The story touches on ambition, personal achievement, integrity, and moral courage. Elements greatly lacking in most of today’s TV viewing.

–> Click here to see a Preview of Truth Be Told <–

It’s refreshing to see a something that is just good clean viewing. My husband and I really enjoyed the show.  It was a really clean movie, and frankly better than most cartoons and “kid” movies we’ve seen.

It’s also being promoted by Moms 4 Family TV, a national group that supports and encourages companies creating entertainment options that families can enjoy together.


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  1. Ooooo thanks! I'll be watching this! And checking out that link to others. TV really has gone downhill. 🙁 Guess what, Candace Cameron Bure is coming to speak at my church on the 29th!!! I'm so excited to hear her! 🙂

  2. I'm happy to know that there's still TV show like this that's aware with the moral values that the other people must always remember. This mentioned ambition, personal achievement, integrity, and moral courage are very important to bare in our mind. Keep up the good work, you can help a lot of people especially the kids and the adult as well.

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