Hi everyone! Here is the Monthly Meal Plan for June 2o11! I apologize for the last minute, but apparently my brain is on summer break. I didn’t realize I hadn’t posted until I went to see what was for dinner tonight!

Then I did the “Ack, it’s 5pm and I have no plan!” freak out. Then I made up some super fast tacos. Then I sat down and posted this!


Click below to download the June 2011 Monthly Meal Plan!


  1. How do you not get tired of staying home most of the time and cooking everyday?? I haven't started homeschooling yet~ but I have tried to cook all week! Did really well expect for Saturday night! Ended up eating out! I get so tired of cooking and cleaning up the kitchen and doing the dishes! I swear my life would be so much easier with a dishwasher, but we have yet to get one~~ :/ So anyway~~ Whats your secret for not losing you mind! ;)p Thanks Erica~~ love your blogs~~ Val

  2. LOL! I haven't found the secret to not losing my mind yet! I don't cook everyday, we do go out and occasionally I just bail on dinner, and the hubby has to take us out LOL! But I do try to keep up with my plan, and just having one makes me feel better and less stressed out about meals! I also shop off my menu so I know i have the right items needed for each day. Much less stressful!

  3. I just came across your website and am TRULY thankful for all of the things you have posted. My life has been a little hectic recently and your monthly meal plan is AH-MA-ZING! Thank you so much!!!!

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