Welcome to a fun day of Living Math! I’ve always been a fan of Logic Links, but now that I know my Teeny Tot can use them too, I like them even more!



I originally put them in Strawberry Shortcake’s workbox for the day, and after she had done a few puzzles, the Teeny Tot came over to see what all the fuss was about. I was pleasantly surprised to see Strawberry Shortcake directing her through the puzzle. She read the instructions then told our Teeny Tot where to put which color disk. It was great practice for her with colors, and manipulating those little disks onto the grid was also good for her fine motor skills!



Obviously she couldn’t do this activity alone, but definitely with the help of an older sibling! And I have to add that I love anything that encourages my kids to work together!


Logic Links has quite a few other activities including workbooks for older kids and other fun games. We have the Logic Links Puzzle Box which includes 166 puzzles and 32 plastic game chips and instructions.

The Puzzle Box Game is for ages 6 and up. I usually start using them in Kindergarten, and I just read the questions to them until they’re able to read them independently.

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