Good morning!

Are you homeschooling in the state of Colorado?

Not sure what the laws are, or how to get started?

For all of you fellow Colorado homeschoolers out there I have created an eBook on homeschooling in the state of Colorado that I wanted to share.


I know that homeschooling in general can be a very daunting task. All of the curriculum choices, lesson planning, learning styles, and self-doubt that surround us as we start out can be discouraging. It is my vision to help make the process of homeschooling a little bit easier and take some of the “mystery” and stress out of homeschooling.

So let’s get started with homeschooling in Colorado…

Homeschooling in Colorado eBook includes things like:

  • Standardized testing
  • State laws
  • Attendance requirements
  • Subject requirements
  • Record Keeping
  • Reporting
  • Educational field trip ideas
  • Homeschooling support groups
  • Conventions & Fairs
  • Teacher Supply Stores


–> Download the Colorado Homeschooling eBook here!


I pray you find this book a blessing to your homeschooling journey, and if you’re ever in my area, make sure to stop and say “hi” if we ever run into each other!


** I’m sorry, for those of you living in other states, unfortunately I will not be creating individual state eBooks.

Disclosure: I am not a legal advisor and any information in this document is not to be taken as official legal advice in any way. Please contact for legal advice on on homeschooling in your state.


Stay tuned next week for a free Unit Study on the state of Colorado!


  1. Thank you SO much for sharing this!!!! We are literally moving to CO soon and I was trying to gather info on the differences from here in NC (where we have been homeschooling for 3 years now)!!! Perfect timing!

  2. We started homeschooling 2 yrs ago, and we use a lot of your curriculum and love it. You gave me great info about homeschooling.
    We’ve been here in CO for almost 6yrs now and love it, great place to start my homeschool journey with my girls. Lot to do and great homeschool community.
    Thank you for your dedication and your blog.

  3. We are thrilled that your family is in Colorado just like us! We’re having a great time with our curricula we purchased from you. We bought RoadTrip USA, Expedition Earth, World’s Greatest Artists, World’s Greatest Composers, and Scientists/ Inventors to use for the next couple of years. I wanted to mention that the fun and flexibility make it so easy for our family to use. We enjoy checking your blog to see what your family has done for the projects. Have a great school year everyone!

  4. We will be in Southern Colorado for 4 more months. Our home is in AZ, and despite knowing HSLDA recommends following the laws of whatever state you are physically present in, I love the minimal requirements of AZ and think we are fine with CO (except the testing they require at certain grades). I might even see if the local HS group minds temporary guests. 🙂 Looking forward to the state book and enjoying our K4 program with our 2nd youngest!

    Alicia M.
  5. Thank You so much! I should have known you were a fellow Colorado lady! Can’t tell you how much you inspire me with our families home school journey. This unit will be used and appreciated!
    Woodland Park, CO

    Shannon Clare
  6. Hi Erica,

    Have you found that you needed a teacher ID card for the teacher supply stores? I am just getting started, and am somewhat uncomfortable asking for the discount as a homeschooler where the store states a valid ID is required.

    Thanks for all of the great info!


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