My kindergartner is really getting into these builder blocks from Honey! He did a helicopter today. And he still asks for help, but today I told him firmly “No, you be creative and show me when you are done”. And check it out! A helicopter! Nice job buddy!

He’s working on the letter Jj today and tomorrow, so we made a kid J out of him, and his 2 sisters. The Teeny Tiny Tot was supposed to be the ‘dot’ on the little “j” but she wasn’t havin’ it, so we held her down for a capital J instead :0)! Please note: No babies were harmed in the making of this letter J!

Here he is using the newly created Paint Chip Phonics game! Fun, and great practice!

And our new place value game! You can download this here!

And speaking of fun, what’s the Teeny Tiny Tot doing you ask? A lot of this: go baby go!

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