Welcome to our Letter O Week! The following are some things we did for prek letter O fun this week:

Letter O Memory Verse:
O give thanks unto the Lord; for He is good. Ps 118:1

For our verses and accompanying games/stories we use the following books:
ABC Memory Verses & My ABC Bible Verses

Song time:
Hide ‘Em in Your Heart Vol 1
Hide ‘Em In Your Heart Songs – Vol 2

Letter O Magnet page downloaded from here, and pom-pom magnets. I’ve had lots of inquiries on these magnets, I made them from medium sized pom-poms and self adhesive round magnets from Wal-mart. Another reader said her store had a large pack of the self adhesive magnets for cheap! All we need is a cookie sheet and we’re set to go!

rOll the Dice Bug Race, downloaded from here, she’s got great games on her blog! A fellow digi-scrapper and designer! Reviews number recognition, your child rolls a die and counts the number of dots, then circles that number on the path. For example a number 2 is rolled, the child would find the line with the number 2’s and circle the first 2 in the line for that bug. The first number rolled 10 times wins. Draw a star or a ribbon in the box for the bug who won the race. I laminated mine so that we could do it a few times, then we just used the dry erase markers on it.

Octopus Counting game, comes with number tiles and 10 octopus to put on page. You can download a copy here.

Uppercase and Lowercase vowel sorting, downloaded from here! Since capital O and lowercase o are basically the same, we did a vowel review instead of “Oo” sorting.

Motorskills chopstick sorting, I used a paint pallet and foam lacing beads.

Chicka-Chicka Boom reading and an “O” and tape to put the letter on our alphabet tree:

Nature Walk Outdoor study grid, she’ll find 6 things in nature and draw pictures of them.

Working her Octopus Size Sort game, you can download it here.

Capital O coloring sheet, excellent job staying in the lines! This is a HUGE improvement from the start of the year, where it was mostly scribbling all over the picture!

Oscar and cOOkie monster bottle cap letter matching, downloaded letters from here, then made my own cards. I made Land Before Time cards, and Sesame Street Cards. Click on them to download.

O for Octopus color matching puzzles, you can download them here, I printed, laminated then cut the octopus in half to make them into puzzles.

Oo lacing cards, I just printed big O’s on construction paper, laminated and punched holes! You can download my Large Alphabet A-Z lacing cards here.

Octopus Puzzle, you can click here to download the Octopus Puzzle

Number Clip Cards: The clip cards are to either put in order 1-10, or clip the correct amount of paper clips on, or mini-clothes pins, or cheerios, whatever you can use to get them counting! Here are the links! Click here to download the Octopus Number Clip Cards

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