Here is our Letter B week in action! (Lest you think I’m a complete maniac, please note that this is 2.5 days worth of stuff…I typically do approx 6 boxes for my preschooler, she tends to lose interest after that.

The large floor numbers are a huge hit, it gets her moving and works on number recognition…I might make one for the alphabet too, letter’s she knows up to this point…hmm, could say the sound or name!

Our Letter B scavenger hunt! She did excellent at this game, I’ll add it in the future for all my other letters! She brought me a Baseball Blackout Book, Bracelet, Ball, Barbie!

Cutting practice, this has nothing to do with Letter B, but she needs practice cutting LOL! Maybe I’ll make a cutting page for my next letter series! :o) I downloaded this page from Kids Learning Station.

The butterfly coloring page, notice she actually wrote the letter Bb also! Nice!

Here is our size sorting, she’s gotten this one down pat, you can download it here.

Added in a Bee Tangram puzzle for her to do. I’m not sure why, but I’ve never thought of giving these to her until a friend suggested it! LOL! She did great, and enjoyed it too…you’ll see more of these!

An alphabet matching puzzle, she pulled this out on her own today, who am I to say “no, you can’t do school!” LOL

A fun butterfly puzzle, she’s getting better at these, I added the border to help her see which pieces were edges. You can download the Butterfly Puzzle here!

Butterfly pre-writing practice, she did pretty well on this one, had a hard time with the squares. I guess that’s why we’re practicing! You can download the pre-writing cards here!

A number 9 coloring page, she’s on 9 this week. Downloaded from KidZone

Calendar counting: In her first box each day she has the next number and her pointer stick. She puts up the next number then counts to it. Her brother helps her, and also helps pick the ‘day of the week’ card that we put up.

Butterfly Bottle Cap worksheet: She loves these and is great at matching letters, maybe I’ll have to make some lowercase for her. You can download the Butterfly Bottle Cap page and letters here!

Alphabet Matching Book, these are little magnetic letters that she matches.

Shades of Color Game, you can download the grid here… the color chips are little squares cut from paint chip samples.

Gluing Buttons on the letter b, this worksheet is from Letter of the Week book.

Since this is only a part of it click here for all my Letter B downloads!

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