Hi homeschoolers! Today I am sharing a fun unit study I created on the state of Colorado.


Most states encourage (some even require) you to do a unit study on your home state sometime during a student’s fourth grade year of studies. Since we live in “Colorful Colorado”, we’ll be doing our unit this year with Turbo and Strawberry Shortcake.

My Colorado Unit Study includes teacher lesson plans, student worksheets, field trip ideas, and more fun things to do in the beautiful state of Colorado!

Some of the things covered in the study include:

  • 42 daily lessons
  • Colorado State Introduction
  • Landmarks
  • State Symbols
  • My City, and My County information
  • Colorado Mapping
  • Agriculture and Industries
  • Wildlife
  • Plantlife
  • Climates
  • Colorado State History Timeline
  • Famous Coloradans
  • Weather
  • Government
  • State Sport Teams
  • Review activities & reports
  • Accompanying crafts and recipes

As I mentioned there are a total of 42 daily lessons in this unit. they will take approximately 30-45 minutes depending on the activity. We will be doing it 3 days per week, but you’re welcome to adjust it to fit the needs of your schedule.

I have geared this unit for elementary aged students, but it can be also completed by older students if applicable.

–> Download the Colorado Unit Study here!


Now before you all ask for more states, I will not be creating individual state studies unfortunately. However you can grab my Road Trip USA curriculum if you’d like to learn more about our wonderful United States of America!


  1. Heya.

    This is a nice blog. In order to teach them basic writing skills I got a entire fourth grade class to write me a nice letter about themselves. They also had to produce a short mini summary of a storybook in question here as well. Other writing exercises include a written recount of a nice day out and a book report for my sixth graders. Best wishes.

    My fifth graders also have to create a Word article on a farm animal. They also have to do a story on a word document once a term. Other things include a themed version of a documentary and a edited weekly newsletter. We also work on other projects each term. For example a quick essay on a game they played at home recently or a one page review of a telly show or a movie. You can also teach them about adverts. Work on spelling.


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