Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing our 5th Grade Reading List with you! These book lists are not only educational, but the perfect way to encourage your student to enjoy reading!


Most fifth grade students should be reading fairly well at this stage. If you still have a struggling reader, I suggest reading aloud with them often while they finger trace the words with you.  Once your student shows readiness, alternate reading pages with them. This can encourage them to read as well as give them a break every other page.

At this stage I also prefer to allow my students to help me choose their literature for the year. We choose books from a list I’ve prepared, but they get to pick which ones they want to read from that list. Giving your students the choice helps encourage them to enjoy reading as well as makes them feel like they’re a part of the learning process.


–>>Download my FREE 5th Grade Reading List here!


Just to make it a little easier to keep track of, you can download these free reading log printables here!




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  1. Thank you so much for this!!!
    I wanted to say a huge “thank you”. I’ve been a homeschool mom from 1997-2012 for our now adult daughter (24yr) and then started again with my 11yr old in 3rd grade (i’m now over 45yr old…yeah!) so my daughter was easy but my son has audible processing disorder, anxiety, comprehension delay 1-1/2yr and ocd. So it was harder to find curriculum that didnt overwhelm him. we had rough 3rd & 4th and then I remembered I used your preschool stuff and loved it. So i researched your videos and you have been SPOT ON for us! We are now doing IEW SIA, MUS Delta & Epsilon, SUS Americana, BJU Eng 5, English from the Roots Up and soon BJU Science & History (Abeka overwhelmed him unlike my daughter thrived on all abeka). So THANK YOU!!! You have made homeschooling fun again because of all your wonderful videos of sharing and your blog. We also got several of your things including Expedition Earth and soon will add The Road Trip. Thank you so much!! We pray Gods blessings on you because you have blessed us in such a deep way!

  2. Thank you for these lists! They are helpful to print and take to the library so my kids can browse quality books.

    FYI, this reading list lists the author of “Anne of Avonlea” as Mark Twain. It is Lucy Maud Montgomery.

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