Hi everyone! I’m so excited to release my new quilt pattern, Freedom! I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love patriotic quits, and it’s the perfect time to start working on one don’t you think?


For this quilt, I used my hoarded Daysail and Vintage Picnic from Bonnie and Camille. These lines are both out or print now, but they release new ones each year with similar colors so I have no doubt you can find something you love too!

And of course I used my Alphabitties too keep all of my pieces in order.





This quilt is super quick and easy to make, and I think it’s definitely beginner friendly as long as you’re familiar with sewing a straight line and a diagonal line you should be good to go!

I made all of my flag blocks first, then worked on the star/firework blocks. I thought they were stars, but my testers thought they were fireworks. Both work for me, what do you think?

For the backing and binding I used this fun aqua print from Daysail and red gingham from Vintage Picnic. I love both of them so much!



And here is the finished quilt top. The finished quilt is 66″ x 66″ but you can add another row of blocks to make it larger as well! It’s the perfect size for a couch throw, or relaxing on the front porch with a little tea!


I’ll probably hang it on the wall in my sewing room for the summer just so I can see it often! Or maybe I’ll hang it over the deck railing for BBQs. Or maybe I’ll keep it on the porch for snuggling.

Hmmm…Sounds like I might have to make a few more of these just so I have enough to go around!





I hope you enjoy this one, if you decide to make it please tag me @ericaarndt on Instagram and #freedomquilt so I can see what you create!!

Click below to get the Freedom Quilt Pattern today!



  1. I would like to make this pattern but having issues figuring out the amounts of the different navy’s, aquas, greens etc. within the quilt i.e. How many different patterns of fabric did you use? Thank you

    Mary hilyer
    1. Oh gosh, that is a great idea! Right now I don’t have a place for people to post finished projects, but I’ll have to look into it! For now you can definitely share on Facebook or Instagram and tag me! Instagram: @ericaarndt Facebook: @Confessionsofahomeschooler

  2. Hi Erica I sure do love your programs your tutorials and your Vlogmas. I have enjoyed watching those this year and last year you have an absolutely adorable family. I have a question for you for the last two weeks at the quilt shop that I work in Temecula California we have been doing inventory like a lot of other people at the beginning of the year and yesterday as we were finishing up the owner of the shop asked us all to put together some ideas for the mini charm packs and I asked them if they were familiar with you most of them had not heard about you but I’m a YouTube follower I think they’re not their loss, the owner of the shop realize that during inventory we had hundreds and hundreds of Mini charm pack she said let’s come up with ideas to make some samples and see if we can Give our customers a couple of ideas so they can see what can be done with them. They asked me to see if you had any free patterns so that we wouldn’t run into a copyright situation as I look I see a couple of things on there where they’re not for sale but you are kind enough to give the measurements at during your tutorial how would we do a pattern for a customer or just have them follow your website your tutorial I don’t know I’m in uncharted waters what do you think. Thanks Linda Tusler

    Linda Tusler

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