I love adding in hands-on activities to our lessons, and the A-Z Play-Doh Mats are the perfect way to practice letter recognition, handwriting, fine motor skills, and letter sounds!

These mats are designed to have students create letters using play-doh, which is a great way to work on building fine-motor skills. Creating letters in this way also helps students with letter recognition as well.

I’ve also added in handwriting practice as well, which you can use once your student is ready. I also encourage you let your students color in the image on each page as well. All of these activities help build the muscles needed for hand-writing and other skills!

To make them re-usable you can laminate the pages or put them in page protectors. Then let students practice handwriting and coloring using dry-erase markers! Simply wipe them off and they’re ready for re-use!

Click here to get the A-Z Play-Doh Mats and start having fun learning now!

I hope you enjoy these mats, I’ll have number mats coming soon so stay tuned! In the meantime check out all of my PRESCHOOL and KINDERGARTEN PRINTABLES here!

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