While each day can bring on a chaos of its own; we do have a basic routine that we try to stick to. Obviously things do not always run smoothly around here, and some days are crazier than others, but I like to at least have a basic guideline to get me through the day. In today’s episode I will be sharing my tips on creating a daily routine that will work for your family!


  1. Love the idea of the end of school checkin. So do you save checking their work for this time as well as opposed to right after they finish it? And if they have things to correct on their work, would they do it the same day even though school is technically over or would they correct it the next day?

    1. Yes, we go over/grade their work all during their end of day wrap up. That way they can correct anything during that time as well, so they don’t make the same mistakes the next day. Sometimes we fix it together, sometimes they’ll take the work back to their desk, fix it and then bring it back for me to re-check.

  2. I have a question about correcting problems online.

    We use teaching textbooks for math and when he completes the lesson for the day I do go in and review which answers he got incorrect. At this time I will edit the incorrect anwers, which he is allowed to attempt agian, and he can go though the lesson and review and answer again. If he still gets the problem incorrect we go more indepth. Most times he will get the problem correct and he can verbalize to me what went wrong, ex. he transposed the numbers, he misread the question… How do you handle this situation and how would you grade this? In the example of teaching textbooks there is a running grade average that the program keeps. I always use this grade at the end of the year.


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