Hi friends! If you’ve seen my craft podcasts, you’ll know I’ve been dabbling in cross stitch recently. I thought it would be fun to transpose some of my top quilt patterns into cross stitch patterns.

So I did!

I am starting off with Vintage Glory. I used 14 count white Aida with two strands of DMC floss. But you can substitute in any fabric and floss you prefer.

Get the Vintage Glory Cross Stitch pattern here!

Materials Needed:

* Cloth (14 count white Aida)
* Floss (DMC)
* Size 26 tapestry needle
* Optional: Embroidery hoop and needle minder

The stitch count for Vintage Glory is 127w by 138h.

The sample is stitched on 14 count white Aida cloth with DMC floss. If you stitch with the recommended fabric, the finished piece will be approximately 9″w x 9.5″h.

  • Please note the pattern comes with three different chart styles so hopefully one will work for you! It has a color chart, and a color with symbol chart, and a black and white symbol only chart. You can view it digitally if you’d like, or print it for ease of use.

Get the Vintage Glory Cross Stitch pattern here!


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