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  1. I’m all about interactive learning methods. Math is one of those subjects that can be challenging to teach and boring to review. Games are incredibly easy to find for elementary math. Chess is a beautiful game that is considered by many an art and a sport, but of course develop skills that are crucial in learning math. It’s also one of the oldest games in human history. As chess players learn and refine their chess principles through time, certain patterns begin to emerge. Chess principles often mimic life and offer valuable insights. There is a book written by Maksim Aksanov – net-bossorg/chess-puzzles-for-kids-by-maksim-aksanov. It is best to teach kids some strategy tips and how to have a proper look on a chessboard. Also, when your child will eventualy get bored, you will find there nice colorbook 🙂 Also there are a family board games, based on chess, like Storytime Chess and Family Fun Chess.


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