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Come along with us on an exciting journey learning about the U.S.A! From the signing of the Declaration of Independence, to the wild west, you’ll uncover all the secrets this Nation has to offer! Within this curriculum you’ll discover the sights and sounds of all 50 states, including state symbols, U.S. Presidents, famous people, landmarks, historical events, and much more!

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For you history buffs, this is a great introduction for young learners! You will start out learning about the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Revolutionary War. Then you’ll move south to learn more about the Civil War and Underground Railroad. From there you’ll journey with Lewis & Clark through the mid-west, live with the Hopi in the southwest, then venture out into the wild west on a covered wagon ride!

So grab your Travel Logs, and pack your bags! It’s time for a Road Trip!

What’s Included in this curriculum?

There 363 pages of fun filled adventure just waiting for you! It’s divided up into regions, so students will learn about the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, then finally The Western region of the U.S.

Here’s a peek at the Teacher’s Manual. It includes everything you need for each lesson including any additional info, printables, and recipes for each state. There are 136 lessons total, you will cover 2 states per week and do several review lessons along the way.


Here’s a peek at the Student Workbook: It contains everything you need for each student in one easy printable section. The student workbook includes coloring pages for each state along with mini-books that you’ll use to complete either a U.S.A. lap book, or add to the binder dividers for each region.


Road Trip USA is a U.S. History and Geography Curriculum that covers all 50 states in the USA, including a bit on the territories as well. It is designed primarily for elementary level K-4th grade students.

It includes fun States Jeopardy review games as well as colorful student worksheets, and state reports for older students.



Here are some of the topics included in this curriculum:

  • Geographical Locations
  • State Symbols
  • State Capitals and Abbreviations
  • Mapping & Atlas Skills
  • Famous Landmarks
  • Historical Figures
  • Historical Events
  • Craft Activities
  • US Presidents
  • The Constitution
  • Declaration of Independence
  • Revolutionary War
  • Underground Railroad
  • Civil War
  • Pioneers
  • Westward Expansion
  • Native Americans
  • Foods and Recipes
  • State Reports
  • State Jeopardy Review Games
  • State, Capital, and Abbreviation Games
  • State Puzzles

Here’s a look at some of the fun things that are included:

State flashcards, capital cards, and abbreviation puzzle pieces. These are used weekly as review games to help students remember information learned throughout the week.


Included in each state are mini-books and region labels so students can complete the U.S.A. Lap Book:



And as an added bonus, all students participating in Road Trip USA will receive a Travel Log to record their journeys, and finally a commemorative Certificate of Completion once they’ve completed their journey!



  1. What month do you start to incorporate this curriculum? Do you try to coincide Native Americans with Thanksgiving?

    Also, u purchased/ downloaded this curriculum in 2011. I see the jeopardy game, flags, salt map template, and travel log, but not a student manual. Is this part the same as the student manual?

    Thanks for all of your hard work!

    Stacey Sullivan
    1. We just started with lesson 1 in August when we start school. I don’t try to match up things seasonally, but you could try I suppose. There have been SEVERAL updates since 2011! If you have that old of a version you’ll probably want to get the updated curriculum 🙂

  2. Is this meant to be used on a daily basis in order to complete it in a school year, or can it be used once or twice a week and still be completed in a year’s time?

    Taylre Nelson
    1. Hi Taylre,
      Yes it’s a 5-day a week curriculum that covers the entire US in 1 school year. That said, you can also modify it to span over two years, or even skip some things and fit it in 1 year but maybe only doing it 4 days per week. It’s fairly flexible.

  3. Hi there! Interested in purchasing, but wondering about close to 400 pages for each student… do you have a place you recommend for printing / binding at a good price? Would I need to print off all 363 pages for my son (1st gr) and daughter (3rd)? Just want to understand! Thanks!

    Victoria Lake
          1. You can bind them, or put them in a 3-ring binder. Whichever you prefer. I like the binder because we included divider tabs with pockets, so they could add in any little extras into their binder easily.

        1. You can print B/W for most of this. The state books are red/white/blue so you may want to print those pages in color. And there are a couple of activity pages that are color as well. The rest of the worksheets are already b/w and the students color them in.

  4. Hello,
    I purchased this pack sometime ago (about 2 yrs) and we completed only the Southwest region. I still have it downloaded but now that I’m coming back to it for my younger children (now old enough), I cannot find the State Overview page (bird, flower, flag, animal) and postcard page. Is there a different teacher’s version than student workbook? Thanks for any help – love your products!

    1. Hi Susie,
      Yes, there is a teacher’s manual and a student workbook as well as the animals unit that all come with this curriculum. Make sure you downloaded all three files 🙂 If you need more assistance please email me and I can help!

  5. It looks amazing!!!! I did a U.S. state study with both of my kids in the early grades. We had the most fun of all the years (just graduated the 1st child) and learned so much!!!! I actually designed my own for each child with a variety of resources from the library and online. We did a postcard exchange along with our study. We also cooked recipes for every state (there is a US state cookbook). I ordered travel guides from every state and we made collages from the pictures of the things we would do if we visited. As you can tell, I enjoyed it too.


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