Kindergarten magnetic letters

My little man worked hard today, did all his worksheets and fun boxes with no complaining! Love it! here he is doing his phonics worksheets, he actually likes these:

Dry Erase number writing:

A fun book I found in the ‘bargain’ section of Borders, they had lots of educational books on sale. This one was $3, its a magnetic letters spelling book by Magnix called “Spelling Bee”.

A number puzzle from Lakeshore Learning.

Finally, the fun box: A wooden airplane craft, he glued and is now painting it.

His box lineup for tomorrow:

MUS Math Test:

Abeka Phonics Worksheet:

Blend ladder review, he’s been writing letters on the ends of these to make words, doing very well. You can download a copy of my blend ladders here.

Measuring Game downloaded from here.

Writing Worksheet:

Tall/Short, Long/Short measuring game, his mission, should he choose to accept it (did I mention homeschool isn’t optional?) is to find 4 things in our house that are: Tall, short, long and short, measure them, noting the measurement, and draw them.

After that its outside for our nature study, he’ll use a similar graphing, pick 6 things outside to draw and discuss. You can download my science grid form here.

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