Hi everyone! My kids all love Minecraft, and I’ve often wondered what was so interesting about a video game that looked like the old school ones from my childhood. But after talking to them, they love the fact that they can build their own worlds, be creative, play together with friends, and literally build whatever they can imagine.

My son specifically loves to learn about computers and programming, and so he’s also gotten into the PC version where he can do some basic computer programming as well.


We were recently contacted by Connected Camps to do a review of their free Kid ClubMinecraft Server which was developed to help teach creative Minecraft skills in a safe, moderated, multiplayer game-based environment. On their secure servers, students complete a variety of in-game guided building projects where they help design worlds along with various animation. The kids club server activities are moderated by instructors via servers to provide your children with a safe online learning environment. That means no bullying, language, etc. which I like.

The free kids club server activities are geared towards kids ages 8-15 and teach problem solving and design, STEM and creative skills, advanced building techniques, conflict resolution, online and web literacy, community building, and collaboration.

They offer scheduled themed Minecraft events including Glowstone Union, the new survival trading mode, to building challenges and build-and-play mini-games. Kids can join in on any of the free scheduled events during their open server times. There is a variety of activities from free play to a themed events.

Here’s a video explaining a little more about how the Connected Camps works.


Kids Camps:

Along with the free kid club server access, they also offer summer camps, coding workshops, and an educator network. The camps teach coding, architecture, game design, engineering, etc. from beginners up to advanced students. The camps are all held online, which means you can do it from home which is nice. They are moderated by expert instructors which help answer questions as well as ensure a safe online learning environment as well. I’ve also found that this has helped with typing skills, problem solving, creative design, and advanced building techniques.

You can learn more about their camps by visiting their YouTube Channel as well.


My Thoughts:

I like the idea of the free online servers and especially the fact that they are monitored. The only thing we’ve had an issue with at this point are the times of the server access. My son likes to join in on the free server activities after school and sometimes he can’t get on because of his own availability due to sports and evening activities that we have.

Most of the server time is during the day which is great for schools, so it may just be an issue of rearranging his school schedule so he can get on for some of the activities he’d like to join in on. The free server access is still mostly play though and so I’ve had a hard time allowing him to play during school time. I will say that the free activities are fun, and he really enjoys them. There is always a moderator on with the kids and they have helped him with any questions he’s had.

They can chat with other players so essentially its like playing with friends instead of alone. Again, the chat is moderated, so no bullying, language, etc. My son loves that he can play with other coders, and that they’re also learning how to do a variety of new building techniques as well. I think he’d really enjoy one of the camps and we’ll probably look into doing that at some point in the future.

You can learn more about Connected Camps by checking out their website



Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Connected Camps.

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