Hi everyone! Today for Tip Tuesday I’m talking about how to homeschool with babies and toddlers! Chances are if you’re a homeschooler, and you have more than one child, you’ll be homeschooling while also trying to take care of a newborn, baby, toddler, or all of the above! I know it can seem like a daunting task, but today I’m sharing some of my tips on how to navigate through the early years of homeschooling with the little ones.



I know this can be a challenging time, and I encourage you to set a schedule that works for your family during this time. Don’t worry about what other families might be doing! Also keep in mind that this is just a short season, and next year or even next semester can look totally different depending on the ages of your little ones. So grab a cup of tea and relax for a few minutes while I share some of my top tips for keeping your younger ones occupied during school time!


Watch Tip Tuesday: Homeschooling with Babies & Toddlers



Here are some links to the things I mentioned in this video, hope they help you out!


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I hope this helps some of you out, I know getting started can be overwhelming! I wrote a book called Homeschooling 101 that will help answer all of your questions on how to get started homeschooling, choosing curriculum, creating lesson plans, etc. For more information on homeschooling check out my Homeschooling 101: A guide to getting started!



  1. This is awesome, thank you so much for sharing all, this useful information. I have. 6yo and a 1yo., and am looking to start homeschooling my oldest next school the next coming school year. She is currently attending public school kindergarten and has learned a good deal but we feel that homeschooling would be a better fit for her. It will be a challenge, especially with our energetic and curious toddler in the mix…but I hope to be as organized and dedicated as you. Keep up the good work and I will be following your blog and inspirational tips.

    Sue Rin
  2. I purchased the homeschooling book 101, letter of the week and got the bundle free for ordering. I have 3 1/2 yr. old twin grandchildren so my question is should I order the curriculum as well and which one would you recommend? How long should I spend on an activity with them. I like to have a schedule…for example working on letters from this time to this time, then colors, circle time etc…. will the book give me examples of this or can you help with a response.



    Bridgette ladie
    1. I would probably start with Letter of the Week since they’re a bit younger 🙂 The time spent will really depend on their ability to focus and their individual skill level. It might be faster for one of them and take a bit longer for the other. I’ve found that twins are usually different in their learning, so don’t expect them to be able to do everything at the same rate or level 🙂

  3. HELP!!! My son will be 3 August 17th (my only child) and I am a stay at home Dad. While we have plenty of fun playing games, its and crafts, etc. I find we are lacking in structured learning. He does not attend day care, and I want to make sure if we choose not to do pre school he will not be behind. Because he has no formal education, he is quite smart. Where do I start? Do I start with your preschool material? I am looking to purchase a program and start it with him in September or before depending how quickly I can purchase material and set it up. Looking for direction. Thanks!

    Micahel McGough

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