Calendar Time

We start each day with group time which includes our calendar activities. Several of the printouts you see here are part of my Letter of the Week curriculum. Here is what our “calendar area” looks like and some of our activities:

(Calendar and numbers are from Lakeshore Learning, I can’t find it on their site, but found it at Teacher Storehouse)

Pledge of Allegiance

Memory Verse Review: Click here for my A-Z memory verses

ABC Song

Days of the Week song: (To the tune of Adam’s Family”)

  • Days of the week (clap clap)
  • Days of the week (clap clap)
  • Days of the week (clap clap)
  • Days of the week, Days of the week, Days of the week
  • There’s Sunday and there’s Monday,
  • there’s Tuesday & there’s Wednesday,
  • there’s Thursday & there’s Friday
  • and then there’s Saturday!
  • Days of the week (clap, clap)

Month’s of the Year song: (To the Macarena)

  • January (Right hand out)
  • February (Left hand out)
  • March (Right hand palm up)
  • And April (Left hand palm up)
  • May (Right hand on left shoulder)
  • June (Left hand on right shoulder)
  • July (Right hand on right ear)
  • And August (Left hand on left ear)
  • September (Right hand on left hip)
  • October (Left hand on right hip)
  • November (Right hand on right hip)
  • December (Left hand on left hip)
  • 12 months in a year! (Hop in circle as singing)

Count our calendar:
Put up today’s number on calendar along with appropriate colored chain link to continue our pattern for the month and count from 1 up to today’s date (1-11 in the below picture), then say the date: “Today is Thursday, March 11, 2010”

Today/Yesterday/Tomorrow: We discuss what today is, what yesterday was, and what tomorrow will be and update our chart:

Chart the Weather: Each day we chart the weather and discuss appropriate clothing, whether it is cold or hot outside. Then fill in a square on our Weather Graph. At the end of the month we discuss which type of weather we had the most of, least of etc.
IMG_3931 graphjpg

Seasons Chart: We don’t do this daily, but we do discuss the name of the season when we chart our weather and appropriate clothing. We talk about what kind of activities we do during each season as well.

seasons copy

Address: We review our Address and Phone Numbers:

For song & movement time we use one of these fun ideas:

For more calendar time ideas visit one of these fabulous posts!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I just started a calander folder this month and Egg is loving it, but thanks to this post I am going to add in an address page! I'll let you know when I have posted it, I was going to do it earlier, however my poor lap top has a virus and I lost everything so I am trying to work on other halfs (get camera set up etc).Ps I printed, laminated and cut out "subtract it!" and cut out "add it". Took forever…Really if you are going to offer printables on your site, you'll have to come up with a way for them to come out of my printer all cut up :Pxx

  2. I don't often comment, but I love your blog SO much! You and Carisa from 1+1+1=1 are such an encouragement to me – I love seeing all that you're able to do with homeschooling and home preschooling, and I just love it. Your curriculum is amazing – I love being able to look through all that's available! I hope to start a teeny bit more structured preschool-type activities with my son this fall (he'll be 3, and he's ready for more learning) as well as a calendar time. Thank you for sharing!

  3. omg, that is the best days of the week song ever!!!! thank you for sharing it!!!!!!

  4. Mamastiks says:

    I like the "yesterday – today – tomorrow" chart. I have a large fabric calendar from that we use for the day, date, month, year, season, and weather. The girls love it – and remind me when I forget that I have to do "the day."

  5. RainbowMummy: LOL I loved your comment on my post about figuring out how to get my printables to come off your printer all cut up! I would love a laminating & cutting fairy over here too!

  6. Love love love your calendar area. Where did you get that? I would love to hang one up and work on the months, days & days of the week with my daughter.

  7. I got the calendar poster & numbers at Lakeshore Learning, then I put little Velcro dots on it for each day. Then I put Velcro dots on the backs of the number cards as well. I’d imagine you could get it at any teacher supply store though!

  8. Okay, love the idea of the macarena one…… And, what you didn't want to share your phone number with the whole world?

  9. Thanks for the songs. I'm convinced my son can learn anything if it is put into a song.

  10. Hello! I love this post! I tried to find that exact calendar on Lakeshore but couldn't find it. How long ago did you get it? THANKS!

  11. JeN: You know I don't see it online, but I put a link in the post to a Teacher Storehouse where they have it. It's in the posters section of Lakeshore, so if you have a local store, go look, I'm sure they still have it.

  12. Thanks so much for this post! Your blog is fantastic resource for teachers 🙂

  13. I taught first grade for 8 years, and we used BOTH of those songs: Days of the Week and Months of the Year. The kids LOVED them!!!!!!! My daughter is 21 months, so not really quite ready to do a calendar time yet (in my opinion), but I'm hoping here sometime this year to dig out all my calendar time stuff from when I was teaching and start setting it up. I do like your chain link pattern idea! Your site is amazing, and I use it often! I have asked for a laminator for Mother's Day, Anniversary….my husband thinks I am nuts to want a laminator! But I'd be thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I am tone challenged. I need to someone to video themselves doing the calendar macarena and put it on You Tube. I can't seem to get the words to go right with the tune. Come on ladies, who wants to show me what they got? 😉

  15. I am new to your blog and LOVE it! And new to homeschooling.I will start with my five year twin boys in September. Very excited! Right now I am trying to get finishing touches on our "room". I was looking at the -Today/Yesterday/Tomorrow-Chart the Weather&Weather; graph-Address and Phone #Are these free to download? Thank you for all your hard work and blog. I look forward to coming back often.

  16. Tasha, yes they are on My Printables Page: Scroll down to calendar time.

  17. I am now excited about calendar time! I got so burnt out last year, thanks for the great new ideas!

  18. I also added "word of the day" and "body part of the day" to our calendar time. The kids like learning the fancy version of words and I love to hear them use it in a sentence. Also, the love learning about their body and what organs are on the inside of them!!Thanks for your great blog. I have fun reading all the goodies you put up!

  19. I love all your ideas and just bought a great calendar that is similar from Oriental Trading Company, called My First Calendar Magnetic Chart – I purchased your LOTW and am going to print and laminate “yesterday – today – tomorrow” chart.

  20. I am new to your site but completely addicted already. I will be downloading your letter of the week for my 2 1/2 year old daughter shortly. I have been “homeschooling” her for a while now and she already knows her shapes, letters numbers and so much more. we are working on the calender things now. I love the way your calendar looks and found it on the lakeshore learning website, however I cant find the numbers to match the months. Where did you get them from?

  21. Where are the days of the week from? I am loooking for some big ones to hang up!

  22. I love your calender time printouts! We use many of them daily. I was wondering, though, if you could make a “Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday” chart that includes the weekend? It is difficult when I am telling my kids to remember the 7 days of the week, but the chart only shows 5 days, and when it’s Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday we can’t utilize all that the chart has to offer. I tried to contact you, but the link doesn’t appear to be working.

  23. Subscribed via email.

  24. Stephanie says:

    This may be a dumb question, but how does your weather graph work? It only went to 25 so I wasn’t sure how you graph the whole month.
    Thank you.

  25. Love your site! Thank you for sharing! Stop by mine or follow me on pinterest for material reviews & ideas!

  26. Hi Erica,

    I have 4 kids that I homeschool too and I have to wonder “How do you do all that you do?”

    I had to hire a friend who’s also a teacher just to check their work! What’s your secret????

    Anyways you are an inspiration and also part of the reason I get depressed sometimes:-)

    Keep up the good work….I hope to accomplish all that you have too!

  27. Thank you sooo much for these wonderful printables!

  28. I love that I found your website, this is just what I have been looking for, it is almost the same type of curriculum and ideas we used in our preschool classrooms when I worked for a daycare! And now I am just starting to homeschool my 3 year old daughter and am so glad to find something just like this!

  29. Hello, I was wondering if you could add a “Sunday, Saturday” page for your “What’s the Weather” chart. It would be GREAT to have it as an option for when the kids ask to do it on the weekend or we are “catching up” on a Saturday or whatever the case may be.

    Oh, and OF COURSE I love, love, LOVE your website and the other sites you link to. You are definately a tremendous blessing to many mommas!

  30. Your calendar was a huge inspiration, as is your entire site. I created something very similar and gave you a shout out on my (very new) blog ( We started using our calendar this weekend and already my daughter loves it. I am not a stay at home mom, but this gives us something we can do together in the morning that is both fun and educational. THANKS!

  31. You are wonderful! Recently discovered your blog through my sister-in-law (go figure, she’s not homeschooling, but I am!) This is such a selfless thing for you to do for so many people, by providing so many free resources, and I want you to know I feel truly blessed that you have provided me with so much to help in my children’s learning. Thanks again!!

  32. Jenn Lanz says:

    OMG!! I love your site and energy! I am a public school teacher, working in the special education department. Thanks for sharing all of your resources!!

  33. Tina Marles says:

    Hello Erica,
    what a great site you have – I am so very grateful for all the suggestions and downloads. I really love the way you did the calendar, but I could not find the accessories anywhere! Did you create the month tags, numbers, day of the week, etc. yourself?? Could you please let me know where you got them from as I am not that creative to make them myself! Thanks so much for your help.

  34. Hi! I just got this calendar from Amazon. I was wondering, did you laminate it (or at least the numbers)? Thank you SO much for sharing your ideas. I just got your homeschooling book and sent it to the printer so I can use it this summer to plan our homeschool year! 🙂

  35. Any idea what the number set is called that you use with your calendar. I have found the calendar but not the number set. Do you know the name, brand, or even better…have a link?

  36. Hi Erica,

    A great friend recommended your blog, I’m no so excited about al of this, have ordered my 3K/4K combo pack and am organizing into binders, cutting, and laminating. Can you quickly just tell me about how long calendar time takes you to get through once your kid knows the routine of it?


  37. I am wondering what the measurements are on the calender and the bulletin board are? I am trying to get a good set up going for lotw and am shopping on amazon but need the size to accomodate everything the way you have yours set up. Thanks!

  38. I have a fifth grader, a second grader, and a first grader.

    I am having a difficult time finding activities that fit all those ages and doing it one on one.

    Any ideas?

  39. General comment:
    I just want to thank you for doing all of this work and organizing it for me!! I am homeschooling my 3 year old twins for pre-k. I’ve just recently dove into this curriculum and am loving it! I sincerely thank you again…your amazing inspiring work has not gone unnoticed!!!

  40. Thanks for the link for the website to order the calendar 🙂 Only problem is, I can’t seem to find the numbers, months and year on the site 🙁 Do you by chance remember what the item is called? Thanks in advance!

  41. Rachelle says:

    Hi Erica,
    These curriculums you have put together are amazing!! How have you found the time in your days! Wow! Thanks so much for all your hard work and sharing them with all of us!

    I must have miss something. What are the colored links for? Where did you get them?

    Thanks again,


    • We’re just using them to make patterns. So I put a push pin by each number, then she picks a pattern at the start of the month. Like Green, red, green, red, etc. Or you can do something harder like green, red, blue, green, red, blue, etc.

  42. Both my 3 1/2 yr old son and almost 2 year old daughter LOVE doing calendar time! My sons favorite thing is to check the weather and mark it on the graph. Since we started doing it, he has started asking us what the weather is and then, without waiting for a response, will tell us all about it. Thanks again for sharing your talents!

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