Our Homeschool Room 2010-2011

Ack! Ok everyone, I’m just trying to keep it real here and show you what kind of disaster occurred to my beloved school room over the summer. The kids playing in here definitely took its toll and I was procrastinating even going in there!

But fear not, this is definitely the BEFORE picture!


And after several hours complete madness one evening…ahh, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. Everyone left me alone while I was working on this, I think they could sense the urgency. Here’s the AFTER picture:

Is it wrong that I don’t want to let my kids in here now?

I organized all of our manipulative containers in shelves along the back wall. I tried to put all the pre-k stuff on the pink shelves and then the math stuff and older kid’s manipulatives on the blue shelves.


The only dangerous thing here is that the Teeny Tot can easily get to all of this, but then it will also eliminate the climbing that was going on before, so…

The blue and white drawers contain puzzles, coloring supplies, blocks etc.


Here is my armoire it contains all my teacher supply stash. The white shelves next to it have some games and our Expedition Earth Geography supplies and books!

And here are our desks, they are on opposite walls, older kids on one side, smaller ones on the other. Wondering what the drawers are for? We use the Workbox System and LOVE it!

Click here to read more about Workboxes including workbox printables!


Where’d I get that?

  • Workboxes: I got mine at JoAnn’s on sale for 50% off, that makes them about $30 ea. A reader just let me know that they are now at Sam’s club for $30/ea too!
  • Student Desks: Purchased from a church school closing for $5 ea! I suggest you check Craig’s List for student desks list before paying full price!
  • White Board: Purchased from a church school closing for $5 ea! I suggest you check Craig’s List for white boards before paying full price!
  • Student Chairs: These were our play chairs from Pottery Barn, they were overpriced and I would not buy them again! Check Craig’s List again!
  • Alphabet Tree: I purchased it from Lakeshore Learning, it was a bulletin display! You could probably make a cute palm tree from construction paper for free!
  • Animal World Map: I purchased this from Costco for about $8

So that’s our room for the start of 2010-2011. Hopefully it stays all nice and pretty like this, but I’m not really holding my breath on that one.


  1. Look BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Sweet! I wish I had a room I could dedicate to just school.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing, I enjoyed looking at all of your beautiful organization and how everything is set up for this year!

  4. Beautiful space! We have the same tiny tot problem over here, that is why all our manipulatives and our work boxes live in our home office. We'll see how that works, going back and forth from our main learning space to the office, but you do what you gotta do when you have little ones around. Thanks for sharing your photos!

  5. Gorgeous! I love seeing your prep work. It must have been SO much to get it to where it is, but awesome job! And I wouldn't want to let the kids in it either 😉

  6. Your room is beautiful!!We don't have any one room….I planned on getting our rooms up yesterday (on my blog), but something occurred that needed my attention. Ah…such is life!Going to try and get it up today!!

  7. Love it! I had to LOL at the thought of your tot climbing the shelves like a little monkey. Mine would too.Your before picture hasn't got anything on the one I posted back in May. It was truely horrifying. LOL

  8. Your school room is so cute! I don't have a whole room to devote to HSing so I am a tad jealous!

  9. Great room! Thanks for keeping it real. 🙂

  10. Very funny, you sound like me-the fam hits the trails when I go into my "gotta clean this disaster" mode. I see a lot of folks buying those chairs from IKEA for about $13 each. They don't look too bad, so may be another alternative to Craig's list. Love your room and your creativity-well, am so tickled you are on the crew this year too! Have a great one!

  11. Looks great!!! 🙂

  12. Wow! The school room looks great! I'm just starting out with preschool and tot school, and I'm jealous of all of your storage!!! LOL. I have a closet and it's all not fitting in there right now, which is driving me nuts. I've got to work on our storage problem.

  13. Thanks for keeping it real. I can totally relate to your comment of not wanting to let the kids into the area now that it is organized (but of course we will — it is for them — !! Thanks,too, for the reminders to check used places to get neat school stuff. I will check out that link to workboxes, I think another woman I know uses those & I'm curious.

  14. Your before picture makes me feel so much better. Mine still looks like that. We're working on it slowly. Very slowly.

  15. I love it! I think the kids stayed away so that they wouldn't have to help! hehe 😉

  16. Looks like you are going to have a great school year in your organized room!

  17. Your school room is gorgeous! I have a question for you though if you don't mind. Do you have a work area in this room, or are you just constantly moving to each child's area?

  18. "Is it wrong that I don't want to let my kids in here?" Ha, ha! I feel the same way. After working on my school room for about 3 days, I think it's practically perfect. Fortunately my kids are with grandparents right now so I'm just soaking in the "clean" while I can before they get back. Good to know that I'm not the only person who feels that though! Cheers!

  19. Loved taking a peek in here :-)(and thanks for being brave and sharing the "before" too LOL)Best wishes, Kara

  20. It looks great Erica! I have re-arranged our room about 5 times since we started and I am finally happy with what we ended up with. It's funny how you think a certain set up will work, but then realize after you start school how badly it works. I will take pictures of ours and post on my blog.

  21. nice room – I like the alphabet tree 🙂 have a great school year

  22. I'm going to make a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree from felt. Just waiting on a big enough piece to come up in the remnant section 😉

  23. Great Job!!

  24. Looks great! We have that same map from Costco on our wall. 🙂

  25. Your homeschool space looks wonderful Erica! So organized 🙂

  26. WOW! You are blessed!

  27. Lovely! And frugal too. Good for you.

  28. This looks great! Best of luck for a successful year! 🙂

  29. That's a great space! Also, the Letter of the Week CD got here superfast. Thanks for being so expeditious!

  30. I definitely have "organization envy". Looks great! I need more bins!!!!

  31. What a great room! I love the keeping it real picture!

  32. Great room, and great job on getting it all ready to go! Your "where did I get that?" sounds very similar to mine.

  33. So jealous! I'm a organizing freak but I haven't had a chance yet to put together of school "area" yet. I have a 3 1/2 yr old preschooler (yea she is a firecracker!) a 18 month tot and a newborn. I'm a homeschool grad and love you letter of the week plan! We visit you blog almost daily!

  34. Honestly, your before pictures were pretty tame compared to some of our messes…but your after pictures are definitely marvelous!! There's no feeling to compare with an organized room :o)Blessings from a fellow crew member~

  35. Got distracted by the very nice wall organizer for your paint, craft material and ribbon spools…. Ok, back to look at the school stuff 🙂

  36. Beautiful and organized! My two kids have desks IN MY LIVING ROOM. You can imagine how well this works. Wish we had a dedicated space.Just stumbled on your blog and I'm so glad to find you. Looking forward to reading more.

  37. I did a post last week on our school room too. Isn't it nice to have it all clean and organized?!

  38. LOVE the room makeover — and how organized it looks. So nice you were able to finish in one evening without all sorts of little helpers! I just purchased KidKraft Avalon style chairs from Walmart online, very similar to yours and have a 14" seat hight, in case other readers need a similar chair for their desks.

  39. Hello,I was wondering what type of paint you used on these desks and how you went about painting them. I purchased a couple from a church for a lovely $10 each last night. I plan on homeschooling next year and stumbled upon your site! Your ideas are awesome and I cannot wait to purchase your Letter of the Week when I start putting together my curriculum!

  40. Barb: I just used indoor/outdoor spray paint. I taped around the edges, then turned them upside down and painted away! I did it outside of course :o)

  41. I thought I would let you know that Michael’s has the boxes on sale for around $35 and they also have a 25% off coupon you can use making them less than $30!! I wanted to let you and your readership aware of this!!!

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