Supply List for Letter of the Week

If you have purchased my Letter of the Week Curriculum, or are considering it, here are some additional supplies you’ll probably want to use with the curriculum.



Things we use OFTEN:


  • Song time:
    Hide ‘Em in Your Heart Vol 1
    Hide ‘Em In Your Heart Songs – Vol 2
  • Leapfrog Letter Factory DVD
  • Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
  • Expo Dry Erase Markers
  • Pencils, Pip-Squeaks Markers
  • Scissors (kids rounded ends)
  • Magnets (I use Power Magnets, or pom-pom magnets – I made them using medium sized pom-poms and self-sticky circle magnets from the craft isle in Wal-mart. You can also use a glue gun and circle magnets, they’d probably holdup better!)
  • Wooden Clothes pins (I got little ones from Wal-mart craft section)
  • 1 ½ “ wooden disks from Michaels, hobby lobby, or JoAnn’s for the letter match games. (Note: you can also use left over milk caps) It’s also helpful to have a Xyron Sticker Maker so you don’t have to glue or Mod Podge all the letters on, but that’s totally optional! Click here to see how to make them.
  • Hole Punch (For the Lacing Cards)
  • A magnetic board of some kind: I found a colored cookie sheet at a used HS fair, but they have cute magnetic dry-erase boards that are small enough for workboxes in the school/office supply section at Wal-mart and Target.
  • Counters: You can use marbles, beads, bingo markers, beans, cheerios, glass pebbles from the craft store, matchbox cars, dinosaurs, really anything you think your child will like. I have a few different ones just so I can switch them out.
  • Yarn or string for lacing

Optional Items:

  • Laminator: You can either laminate at home, at a local teacher or office supply store, or not at all, it’s up to you. If you do choose to purchase a laminator, which most homeschoolers find quite useful, I recommend this one, you can find it at Wal-mart and Sam’s Clubs. It’s about $30 for the laminator and $14 for refill packets.


ScotchThermal Laminator , 9×11 Scotch Thermal Pouches

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  1. I don't know what I would do w/out you, your great! The Laminator is next on my list so the printables last for Thomas to use

  2. offers buy two get one free deals. That's where I get all my laminating pouches. about $32 for 300 pouches. Just a tip that might help save you a little dough. Cheers!

  3. This doesn't really pertain to the supply list but I am curious what order you teach the letters in. Do you do teach them alphabetically or do you skip around, do vowels then consonants, or how?

  4. I noticed you had what I believe was a Xyron 900 laminating machine, in one of your older posts. I know I can get one at Joanns with a coupon, too. Which do you really prefer? Is the xyron more like just a fancy version of good old contact paper? I thought it appeared less wasteful than the scotch one. But since I never used either one I really dont know.I'm just trying to weigh my options!

  5. Christina: I actually use the Xyron 900 because I use it for other things than laminating. You can use it to make stickers, and also laminated magnets which I do a lot of, but it’s definitely more expensive! Guess it depends on what you’re planning to use it for.If you’re just laminating then I’d go with the cheaper one!

  6. Hi there!I'e been wanting to purchase your download version for a little while now, but I only have a black and white printer…from my husbands work…a huge honkin thing that takes up a lot of space:) Do you go through a ton of color ink? I could probably borrow my moms printer which is color…but with so many pages to print and her living an hour away I don't know what would make the most sense…you don't have a black and white version do you?thanks,Taryn

  7. Taryn: I do go through a lot of color ink. I don't have a black and white version, but you could always opt to print in 'grayscale' but it's not as fun.

  8. THANKS! I Think I'm going with the Xyron. Not to concerned about the price since I can use a Joanns Coupon on it, I think. I'm sure as the kids get older we'll have tons of uses for it. Seems alot more versatile overall.

  9. I have never used a home laminator and take my print outs to a teacher supply center, but I am interested in purchasing one for home. How many pages can you print w/ the laminator packs? and do you run the papers thru one at a time?

  10. I have never used a home laminator and take my print outs to a teacher supply center, but I am interested in purchasing one for home. How many pages can you print w/ the laminator packs? and do you run the papers thru one at a time?

  11. The packs are the size of one sheet of paper, so to save money I run 2 through back to back so when I cut them apart the fronts are laminated but the back is not. You don’t have to do that, I just like to double my lamination!

    • I’ve been laminated mine back to back but then the pages tend to curl up. Any tips?

    • laurentrussell says:

      what things do u do this with? ive laminted 2 sheets in 1 pouch before but usually when its something i wont be cutting like a prewriting or tracing item

      • Hi Lauren,

        I keep mine in a binder, so i think that just helps them start to lay flatter. For the daily notebook, i put them in a page protector and we just write on that, so i don’t laminate those pages.
        The updates are to the calendar pages since the dates move around each year. I also recently updated the weekday pages so instead of saying “MONDAY” they say “Monday” so I added lowercase. If you don’t want those, then you can skip printing those pages and just do the calendar ones so the dates are correct for this year.

  12. Yay! Thanks for posting this. I was just going to ask you about laminating….and I got my answer. I'll have to do some research on the laminator, but with the price of having paper laminated at a copy store, a laminating machine at home seems like the way to go!

  13. Oh my! I just found your website. What an incredible place. Love all the pictures, printables, ideas…I could go on!

  14. i was starting to collect milk caps until…..i had a stamping party and had leftover generic waters. it dawned on me that the clear caps will work great! county market has these water bottles, 24, for $2.99 this week. i'll just get a few cases, drink lots of water, and save enough caps for the alphabet in upper and lower! not sure if anyone has mentioned this but it's great for less patient people like myself. milk and juice was gonna take forever. 😉

  15. I have a son who is preschool age and we're just trying to get an idea of cost per month for homeschooling. Using your curriculum and considering color printing, laminating, etc, how much do you think it costs you per month?

  16. MARTY: Hi, honestly it's really hard to say. There are so many different prices for things, for example I have a home laminator that's about .40 cents per sheet, however if I take it to Lakeshore Learning, they'll print .19 cents/foot and their laminator is almost 3ft wide, so you can usually get 2 or 3 sheets across it at one time.Also, you don't have to print EVERYTHING, you can do just the activities you want, so that changes things quite a bit as well. Also, depending on your printer ink, or if you take it somewhere like Kinkos or an online printing service. used to offer .06/sheet but not sure if they're still doing that.Also, you have the grayscale printing option as well. I know that's not much help, but there are SOOO many options for you out there and different prices that it's really hard to give you an estimate. I know that if you printed everything it would be over 1500 pages!

  17. Where did you get the magnetic letters I see in so many of your posts? The ones that are different colors and that are in the shape of the actual letter, with a small black magnet at the back. I just printed off more papers than I care to admit to right now! My youngest is going to be in heaven….as soon as I get them all cut out and put together.

  18. Crazy 4 Boys: I just purchased some plastic magnetic alphabet letters from a local teacher supply store. You can also get them online here:;=1302228949&sr;=8-4

  19. We've been enjoying many of your printables and activities – thanks so much for putting everything together!I just wanted to comment that instead of laminating, we do two things. For lacing cards and the like, we use clear contact paper.For things that will be written on and such, we use sheet protectors and washable crayons. I am sure dry/wet erase markers and/or washable markers would work also, but there's a certain someone who cannot be trusted with markers yet. :>) If I want to store the sheet protectors in an envelope or file folder, I trim the edge that has the 3 holes to put it in a binder so it will fit.It has worked quite well for us so far!

  20. I’ve been searching for mini clothespins and finally found some at Hobby Lobby. It is $2.99 for 24 and they are located in the unfinished wood section. You need three packages or you’ll be 7 shy when doing clip cards for 1 thru 10 (I’m just saying ; ).

  21. Courtney Melo says:

    I have downloaded the LOTW curriculum and I am looking at purchasing a printer to handle the load, as my current ink jet can’t handle it. What printer do you use or recommend? I am pretty sure I am just going to get a new printer rather than have it printed. Thank you!

  22. Is this the supply list needed for the k4 curriculum as well? I couldn’t find a separate list, thanks!

  23. I saw on one of your posts that you use a tray to put coloring pages/etc. on. Where did you find plastic trays?

  24. I love all of your ideas, and teaching ideas. I thought I would share something I found 🙂 I am a very frugal person, so wherever I can save a buch or two I do, anyway, I was at Walmart today, and in the childrens craft isle they have dab paint markers. They come in two different types of 4 packs, either the basic 4 colors or 4 pack of bright colors. The great part is that each set is only $4.97. They work just like the dab a dot ones that I paid quite a bit for. Thank you again for your wonderful ministry!! Malinda 🙂

  25. laura gauthier says:

    SOOOOO, thankful to have you and your work as a resource!!! THANK YOU!

  26. Hi everyone! Im Kasey. I am homeschooling my 2 sons, 13 and 16 y/o.
    I teach the preschool class at co-op. I am madly printing off pages and pages of activities for my kids to use.
    I love the idea of activities rather than having them doing only worksheets. Their parents do too. My husband just bought me a laminator. Im so excited. Tonight I will be laminating my first activity. Woot! Woot!!
    If any one is teaching a class of preschoolers I would love to chat and share ideas.
    Have a great day!! K

  27. HI! I am so glad I found this site!! It is all so helpful. But I would like to know how to create lower case letters like those from the Letter of the Week. I can’t find anything on line that matches the style of the Upper case letters. I am using them for my son to “trace” with dry erase markers inside page protectors. And just like everyone here I can’t wait to get a laminator!! hahaha It’s so funny what can make a girl happy!

    ~Bonnie ~

  28. I am interested in purchasing the 26 letter guide but am unsure the cost and what exactly it includes.

  29. Hi, I was looking to get the ABC Memory Verses, but copies start at $150 on Amazon! How essential to the curriculum is this particular book? Is there a replacement book you would suggest?

    • Hi Miranda,
      I’m sorry, that book is out of print and I removed it from my lessons as well. I now have printable 3×5 memory verse cards, so you don’t need it at all.

  30. ummsuhaylah says:


    • Hi,
      There is a daily memory verse in the curriculum, and the letter J is for Jesus in the curriculum as well. I do have an alternative J for Jelly bean in my ABCs and 123s page you can download instead. And you do not have to do the daily memory verses. So it is flexible.

  31. I just purchased your K4 curriculum. I have a Master’s in SpecEd. I am going to home school my three year old who is quite gifted this fall. I can’t believe how thorough and wonderful your curriculum is! I have been researching curriculum for months and yours is amazing! You have saved me countless hours!! There is no way I could have afforded a curriculum of this quality…What a blessing!!!
    Thank you so much!

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