Hi everyone! Today I wanted to do another Teeny Tot Tuesday post for you. Today’s post is brought to you by the Letter Q! And so we’ll be having fun with quilts.


Quilt Lacing Card: Above you can see our lacing practice card. I make sure to laminate this one for durability, then punch with a hole punch every inch or so for lacing practice. Teach them patterns to do with this as well, like up from the bottom each time, or in-out-in-out sewing. Whatever pattern you can think of.

Letter Q Memory Verse:

“Quench not the Spirit.” 1 Thessalonians 5:19

Song time:
Hide ‘Em in Your Heart Vol 1
Hide ‘Em In Your Heart Songs – Vol 2

Read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and put up the letter V on our Alphabet Tree! You can download my small alphabet letters here. (This is an older picture of Tinker Bell adding the letter, I love how she was Queen for the day!)



Color Cubes: I use our Large Alphabet Lacing Cards to serve as templates for our 1″ building blocks. We pick 2 colors of blocks and do a pattern as we form the letters! We also use them for lacing practice, but this was a variation since I’ve been making the shaped lacing cards too! Click here for more fun with Creative Color Cube Activity Cards



Calendar Time: Each day the Teeny Tot is in charge of counting our calendar up to today’s date. This not only helps with counting skills, but also reinforces number recognition as she looks at and says each number. It’s also great for pre-reading skills by helping kids to learn to go from left to right across the calendar. Click here for more of our Calendar Time Activities.



Quilt Magnet Page: I use this with a cookie sheet and these pom-pom magnets I made from pom-poms and self-sticky magnets from the craft isle in Wal-m*rt. I also use these magnets from Amazon: Power Magnets, 0.75 inch Diameter, Assorted Colors



Qq Do-A-Dot Worksheet: We use Do-a-Dot Art Markers with this!



Quilt Match-Up! Print this sheet twice, leave one together as the game board, and cut up the second one into pieces so you have a matching game. Goal: Match up the identical designs!



Quilt Cutting Practice: Simple print and let your child try cutting along the lines!



Quilt Color By Numbers: Follow the key to color the quilt squares. We like to use this with Pip-Squeaks Washable Markers or regular Crayola washable markers.



Quilt Size Sort: Put these in order small to big or big to small then discuss which is largest, smallest and medium.



Capital/Lowercase Qq sorting: Simple, just sort out the attached uppercase and lowercase letters.



Quilt Shape Puzzles: Cut the quilt squares down the middle for a fun shape matching game.



Quilt Puzzle: Cut along the guides for a fun 6 piece beginner’s puzzle!



Quilt Pattern Activity: Just use the pieces to practice pre-math pattern skills.



Qq Tracing Card: This is new, I made it for kiddos who aren’t quite ready for my pre-writing or writing practice books. Its large and easier to trace. You could use markers, or laminate and use with Expo Dry Erase Markers



Quilt Letter Matching: This is a fun letter matching activity, that practices both upper and lowercase letters recognition! If you’re looking for more challenge, use the uppercase card with the lowercase letter disks or visa versa! (The download includes upper and lowercase letter disks and activity cards) Click here to see the process of making the letters.



Quilt Color Puzzles: I cut these little guys out then cut them in half in as many interesting ways as I could think of to make tiny color matching puzzles.



Quilt Pre-Writing Practice: I laminate this and use with Expo Dry Erase Markers for pre-writing practice skills.



Quilt Floor Numbers: I made these large floor numbers so that we can play a hopscotch type game. I call out a number and she jumps to it! You could also have them put the cards in numerical order. The number cards go from 1-10.



11 x 11 Pin Geoboard: We use these to make letters, numbers, shapes etc!


Matching Activities with Tangrams: I know you think this is a duck, but today he’s a Quail.

Foam Letter Builders: I cut the shapes from foam and let her use them to make the letters. You could also use my Magnetic Letter Builders as well!

Sign Language Q: American Sign Language Alphabet Cards


Alphabet Activity: This is called the stair game, everyone loves it! She stands at the top and I flash a letter, she says the letter and its sound. If she’s right she gets to jump down a stair. When she hits the bottom she wins!



Finger Tracing Paint Bag: This is simple and fun, I filled a bag with tempura paint, you could also use cheap shaving cream. Then I’ll tape it to her desk for her to practice writing her letter on using her finger. You could also skip the bag and put shaving cream on your counter if you’re feeling brave ;o) After we do the letters we do numbers, shapes, and whatever else we can think of! (Sorry its a V, didn’t take a picture of us making a Q!)


Letter Collage Worksheets: The download includes letters A-Z as well as a collage idea sheet. We use the collage items as objects to decorate our letters for an alphabet book. We also color, paint, and stamp them. Since we use both upper and lowercase, I have provided both for you! Click here to download the Letter Collages:



Letter Bead Lacing: I’ll put an index card in this box with the word “quilt” so she knows the order of the letters. I got my lacing beads from Lakeshore Learning but these look more fun to me: Bead Bazaar Lacing Kits – Alphabet Lacing Kit


Kumon ABCs Uppercase Write & Wipe Flash Cards, they also have lowercase cards and Numbers.


Q-Tip Counting: I found a fun water bottle ice cube tray from Bed, Bath & Beyond and thought it was perfect for this activity! I simply wrote numbers in each slot and she’ll put the appropriate number of Q-tips in each slot.

100_5028 IMG_1109


No Sew Tie Quilt: Click here for a no sew quilt tutorial!

Sewn Quilt Pre-k Style!

  • First, cut out 6 x 6 squares of colorful construction paper.
  • Punch evenly spaced holes around each square with a hole punch.
  • Give the squares to your children along with some colored marking pens. They can write ?’s or Q’s on the squares.
  • Then, using yarn, sew the squares together and hang them on a wall.

Quarter Toss: Practice coordination skills by trying to toss a quarter onto a large Letter Q.

  • Cut out the letter Q shape using the large Q pattern.
  • Lay the Q on the floor.
  • Give your child 4 quarters.
  • Have her stand 3 or more feet away from the Q and toss her quarters.
  • How many landed on or in the center of the Q?

Quarter Rubbings:

  • Glue 4-6 quarters on a piece of cardboard.
  • Have your child place a piece of plain paper on top.
  • Then, using the side of an unwrapped black crayon, have your child make rubbings of the quarters.
  • Extension: Children could use their quarters for cutting practice. How many can they cut out?

Queen For A Day: Since we have girls, I thought it would be fun to make a construction paper crown and let her be Queen for the day! I’ll have her tell me 3 things she would do if she were Queen for a Day.

Family Fun Night: Have some Quesadillas

Have some fun Letter Q Preschool Ideas to share? Make sure to leave a comment below!

So those are just some of what I managed to capture via photos this week, but you can click here to download all of the Letter O preschool activities, or check out my Letter of the Week preschool curriculum to get the entire alphabet all at once!LOTWBinder

Is my Letter of the Week Curriculum too easy for your student? If your student is ready to move on to Kindergarten, make sure to check out my K4 Kindergarten Curriculum!



  1. I love your calender. Did you make it? Does Tiny Tot have a good concept of the days of the week and the months of the year? I’ve been going over the days of the week w/ my daughter. Sometimes she seems to get it and sometimes not.

    We have a “Days of the Week” song that we sing, as well as a “Months of the Year” song that we sing. These songs help a lot. Just looking for suggestions that would further reinforce this concept. Need all the help I can get. 🙂

    I also have some materials that I purchased from the Dollar Tree.

    Will you continue to review the letters of the alphabet w/ Tiny Tot once she’s started Kindergarten?

    Have you decided on what curriculum you will use?


    1. Hi,
      You can get our calendar downloads here: http://www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com/blog/2011/10/gingham-calendar-day-month-printables.html

      The Teeny Tot doesn’t really know her days of week and months of the year, however we do it daily to get her used to them. Eventually it finally clicks and they just get it :o)

      We are going to move the Teeny Tot onto my k4 activities for kindergarten, and yes we’ll still review some of the letter things as we go.

  2. Hi Erica, grace and peace of the Lord Jesus! I’m writing by Google translator, so if you find something wrong, sorry. I have been very blessed through your website. My daughter just turned 4 years and we have done some suggested activities, at the same time she is learning the English language. In Brazil, the home schooling is not well seen, but we have reports that some families have opted for this type of education. In our home we are convinced that is the best for our daughter. I am amazed how you do with 4 children seems all so well. I only have one daughter and I feel a bit lost. But with the Lord’s help I know I can. The important thing is to educate my daughter in the ways of the Lord. May God continue to bless you and empowering (not sure if google translated it right) in this great mission. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Erica, I’m a new reader of your blog. I have 3and 8 year old boys, and I’m planning to start homeschooling in the fall for the 8yo and now-ish for the three year old. I’ve been reading for a week, and may be a bit overwhelmed! I have a hard time buying a notepad-my circut is small-how am i ever going to amass all that stuff!?

  4. I am a missionary wife in Romania and have been gleaning good ideas from your site for my 4 yr old and for the weekly kids’ prek time we organize for several kids. I am looking into your letter of the week curriculum and noticed you said to contact you first if we are missionaries. The contact buttons are expired on your blog. Thanks for all you do here!

    Amy Cato
  5. Hi! I really loved the activities you’ve put together! I’m trying to download them and I’m having trouble. Are you files free to download? Are they compatible with Mac? I keep clicking download but it takes be to another website.

    Melinda Gunter

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