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This was a total experiment, but it worked out well. We made small doll blankets since there was A LOT of knotting required here. And really its for 6yrs and up I’d say. My 3yr old couldn’t tie the knots so I ended up doing most of her blanket. However, it was excellent tying practice for my six 7 year old.


  • Fun colored fleece (I got 1yd per color, yield: 3 doll blankets)
  • A cutting mat
  • A clear ruler
  • Scissors


  • Cut fleece into 14” squares (For doll blanket I only used 4 squares)
  • Lay 2 opposite colors of felt on top of each other and cut fringe along edges: cut 3” deep into fleece every 1” along edges (a 3×3 corner piece should come off leaving you with the image below:

IMG_3313 IMG_3315

  • Lay your cut pieces next to each other like you want them to be (see above right photo).
  • Starting with 2 squares tie knots with the strips of fleece. DO NOT TIE CENTER STRIPS YET


  • Once all 4 squares are tied together EXCEPT center strips, these will be tied diagonally to opposing strips. So for example, I tied both pieces of heart fleece together, then both pieces of striped fleece together. You do this so there isn’t a hole in the center.

IMG_3318 IMG_3319

  • Once all 4 squares are tied together, start tying the edges. You can either tie 2 strips next to each other together, or tie each one individually into a knot. I tried both ways, and it really doesn’t seem to matter much.
  • If you happen to have a 5 year old master knot-tier, they can come in handy here…also, its a great outlet for their desire to knot everything, thus leaving your shoe laces “un-knotted”.


Note: The edges were more difficult to tie, so I ended up helping quite a bit with this part.

This is a variation on full sized no-sew fleece blankets, which are so awesome! They’re super soft, and super warm! Here’s how to make full sized blankets


TIP: If you’re going to be making the large blankets, I’d highly recommend getting a clear quilting ruler, and one of these rotary cutters. SO MUCH EASIER! Considering I’ve made blankets for the entire family, it was well worth the money. Here are the supplies I used:



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