I’m so excited to launch my first of hopefully many middle-school level literature units for you! Today’s release is the new literature unit for Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief. It comes with chapter by chapter lesson plans as well as comprehension questions for each chapter too.




Teacher’s Manual:

Each unit comes with chapter by chapter teacher’s lessons that include the questions that your students will be answering. Your manual also includes the answers to the comprehension questions so that you do not need to read ahead of your students for them to be able to complete these units.



There is a supply list as well. This book was written to accompany the original Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. Since this unit is for older kids, it’s written using notebooking pages instead of lapbooking pages like my elementary level literature units. So the only thing you really need is either a small 3-ring binder to hold the pages, or one of those folders with metal tabs in the middle to hold your pages.


Before students start their reading, they will fill out a “Predictions” worksheet basing their opinions solely on the book cover without reading any other information on the book itself. At the end of the reading, they will fill out the worksheet telling whether or not their predictions were correct, and where they differed.


They will also fill out a vocabulary worksheet as well so that they’re familiar with some of the more challenging words in the text prior to reading it.

Comprehension Questions:

Students then read a chapter and answer the comprehension questions on their worksheets included in this unit.


Book Reports:

At the end of their reading there are a couple of different report pages so that students can write their own book report including basic information about the book, a summary, and their final report.


Optional Movie Night: If you would like to, have a movie night and watch the movie version of “Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief”.  If you choose to watch a movie version, I’ve included a “Book vs. Movie” worksheet at the end of the download to help students compare and contrast the movie and the book.


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NOTE: This product is available as a PDF download only at this time. Upon completion of purchase, you will be directed to your account to download the product. If for some reason you are not directed there, you can always login to your account in my store and download your products at a later date. You will not receive a hard copy in the mail.


    1. This would cover your literature. There is a report at the end of each, so you could also use it as your writing, however it doesn’t give instruction on “how” to write, so if your student struggles with the writing process you may want to do something specific for writing. We use IEW Writing units.


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