I haven’t posted the actual boxes for awhile, and mostly been doing prek stuff, so I thought you might like a look into our boxes for second grade for the week. My boxes aren’t the traditional shoe boxes, since we don’t have the space, but you can click here to see my school room and what our boxes look like.

1. Math U See worksheet and calendar sheet from Homeschool Highway ! I love it for the older my older kids. We do calendar time for my preschooler everyday, but now they can participate in something too. She has more than just this worksheet in her download.

2. Spelling workbook from Abeka:

3. White board phonics practice and phonics flashcard practice:

4. Language Arts worksheet from Abeka:

5. Random handwriting practice for the letter e, I just found this going through my stuff today, not even sure where I got it from, and I don’t usually make her do handwriting practice as she does a lot of writing each day as it is, but she really needs help on her e’s the look like the rolled over backwards and the short line is vertical instead of horizontal, so we’ve been working on it…

6. Abeka math workbook, she didn’t finish this last year, so we’re skipping through it picking out things she missed so we can move on to 2nd grade…yes you saw Math U See in box 1, I’m mean and make them do 2 math’s because they’re different and I’m not totally sold on Math U See yet.

7. Phonics practice coloring page from Abeka:Its like a paint by numbers only for phonics.

8. Monday is Draw Write Now art day, she picked out a possom with babies.

9. State sheet box, they are doing a state a day for MFW, this is her first one: Delaware

10. Typing practice: I use the Sue Patrick Workbox System typing practice. I have to say its great and we’re loving it. It comes as a free download if you buy her ebook.


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