Hello! Today was day one of our Letter T for turtle and we had a great time!

We started with the game Blokus, she was supposed to make T’s out of it, and she made one little one in the right bottom corner (its red) then proceeded to fill the board…okay, whatever works right!

Finally on to the turtle stuff, she said she wanted a lot of turtles…if you saw the Letter T post, you know she’s gonna get it! Here’s the lacing turtle, you can download him here!

On to the turtle puzzle, she’s getting much better at figuring these out, I think adding a border really helped out. You can download him here!

Next up is our pre-writing practice, she’s doing much better at this too, I do think making it into larger sheets instead of cute little books helped her as well…sigh…you try to make things cute for them! LOL! Oh well…you can download the pre-writing practice here!

Turtle Size sorting: Easy enough, she managed to group all the little cards in a stack this time, cool new skill. Download size sorting here!

Number of the week: Number 10, I downloaded this sheet from Kidzone.

The Teeny Tiny Tot makes an appearance, actually we had to take a break because she was so desperate to get into this chair that she was pushing my 3yr old out of it! once she got in? Happy as a little clam…that’s it kid, I’m adding Teeny Tiny Boxes and you’re startin’ school!

Back to work, we distracted the Teeny Tot with a snack…here’s our much loved Bottlecap letter matching card, for a turtle of course…you can download it here, and the alphabet here.

Foam letter builders, we made T, t, then a few others. I just cut these by hand out of foam sheets from Wal-mart so I don’t have a pattern for you, but you could print the magnetic letter builders here.

Large Floor Turtle Numbers, I set this up like a hopscotch and called out numbers, we did it a few times. Notice the Teeny Tot in the background desperately trying to eat a plastic cookie…sorry kid its a fake! You can download the Turtle Floor Numbers here.

That’s it for today, click here for all of my Letter T downloads!


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