I haven’t posted the actual boxes for awhile, and mostly been doing prek stuff, so I thought you might like a look into our boxes for kindergarten for the week.

1. MUS Worksheet and blocks, he also has a video today but I’ve learned to have that already setup and waiting, otherwise just getting the videos going is a pain!:

2. I Spy things that start with V! And the v blend ladder. You can download my blend ladders here. He’s got a dry-erase marker in the box because he’s at the point that he writes consonants at the ends of the blends to form words.

3. Abeka Vv handwriting practice:

3. Math workbox: The number flashcards are 0-39 and we’ll do a fun stairs game for this drill, I usually have him stand across the room and hop once for each correct answer, he wins when he reaches me! Penny’s for counting cents, and individual number cards to make numbers I ask for like 36 and he grabs a 3 and a 6.

5. Story Time, I read to him, and he reads to me! Yeah! (Also, he gets a snack in this box, but I just didn’t put it in yet)

6. Counting box, everyone has a pointer stick for counting! The card is just a picture of our number poster so he knows to go to it and count, the sticky note tells him how high to go.

7. Ocean puzzle, his favorite, and I haven’t pulled it out for awhile.

8. Mondays is Draw Write Now for Kindergarten and 2nd grade. He picked a battle ship out of this one.

9. Word build write: I downloaded this great idea from Erin’s blog, scroll down to get to the word build write download. We use this for all kinds of things, my 2nd grader uses it to practice her spelling words, and my kindergartner is using it for his site words.

10: State sheet box: We are learning the states in MFW 2nd grade, and I had this from a previous year, so he’s going to do them with his sister. Up first is Delaware as it was the first state! This book is called Sticker USA Activity Book.


  1. Erica, Are you using Math U See Primer or Alpha for Kinder? I was thinking of getting it for my daughter (5) too. The MFW math is too easy for her so I needed more. I love how you post the boxes. It's so helpful for me…thanks! 🙂

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