If you have purchased my Letter of the Week Curriculum, or are considering it, here are some additional supplies you’ll probably want to use with the curriculum.



Things we use OFTEN:


  • Song time:
    Hide ‘Em in Your Heart Vol 1
    Hide ‘Em In Your Heart Songs – Vol 2
  • Leapfrog Letter Factory DVD
  • Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
  • Expo Dry Erase Markers
  • Pencils, Pip-Squeaks Markers
  • Scissors (kids rounded ends)
  • Magnets (I use Power Magnets, or pom-pom magnets – I made them using medium sized pom-poms and self-sticky circle magnets from the craft isle in Wal-mart. You can also use a glue gun and circle magnets, they’d probably holdup better!)
  • Wooden Clothes pins (I got little ones from Wal-mart craft section)
  • 1 ½ “ wooden disks from Michaels, hobby lobby, or JoAnn’s for the letter match games. (Note: you can also use left over milk caps) It’s also helpful to have a Xyron Sticker Maker so you don’t have to glue or Mod Podge all the letters on, but that’s totally optional! Click here to see how to make them.
  • Hole Punch (For the Lacing Cards)
  • A magnetic board of some kind: I found a colored cookie sheet at a used HS fair, but they have cute magnetic dry-erase boards that are small enough for workboxes in the school/office supply section at Wal-mart and Target.
  • Counters: You can use marbles, beads, bingo markers, beans, cheerios, glass pebbles from the craft store, matchbox cars, dinosaurs, really anything you think your child will like. I have a few different ones just so I can switch them out.
  • Yarn or string for lacing

Optional Items:

  • Laminator: You can either laminate at home, at a local teacher or office supply store, or not at all, it’s up to you. If you do choose to purchase a laminator, which most homeschoolers find quite useful, I recommend this one, you can find it at Wal-mart and Sam’s Clubs. It’s about $30 for the laminator and $14 for refill packets.


ScotchThermal Laminator, 9×11 Scotch Thermal Pouches

Click here to see some of our other favorite preschool things!


  1. I have downloaded the LOTW curriculum and I am looking at purchasing a printer to handle the load, as my current ink jet can’t handle it. What printer do you use or recommend? I am pretty sure I am just going to get a new printer rather than have it printed. Thank you!

    Courtney Melo
  2. I love all of your ideas, and teaching ideas. I thought I would share something I found 🙂 I am a very frugal person, so wherever I can save a buch or two I do, anyway, I was at Walmart today, and in the childrens craft isle they have dab paint markers. They come in two different types of 4 packs, either the basic 4 colors or 4 pack of bright colors. The great part is that each set is only $4.97. They work just like the dab a dot ones that I paid quite a bit for. Thank you again for your wonderful ministry!! Malinda 🙂

  3. Hi everyone! Im Kasey. I am homeschooling my 2 sons, 13 and 16 y/o.
    I teach the preschool class at co-op. I am madly printing off pages and pages of activities for my kids to use.
    I love the idea of activities rather than having them doing only worksheets. Their parents do too. My husband just bought me a laminator. Im so excited. Tonight I will be laminating my first activity. Woot! Woot!!
    If any one is teaching a class of preschoolers I would love to chat and share ideas.
    Have a great day!! K

  4. HI! I am so glad I found this site!! It is all so helpful. But I would like to know how to create lower case letters like those from the Letter of the Week. I can’t find anything on line that matches the style of the Upper case letters. I am using them for my son to “trace” with dry erase markers inside page protectors. And just like everyone here I can’t wait to get a laminator!! hahaha It’s so funny what can make a girl happy!

    ~Bonnie ~

  5. Hi, I was looking to get the ABC Memory Verses, but copies start at $150 on Amazon! How essential to the curriculum is this particular book? Is there a replacement book you would suggest?

    1. Hi Miranda,
      I’m sorry, that book is out of print and I removed it from my lessons as well. I now have printable 3×5 memory verse cards, so you don’t need it at all.

    1. Hi,
      There is a daily memory verse in the curriculum, and the letter J is for Jesus in the curriculum as well. I do have an alternative J for Jelly bean in my ABCs and 123s page you can download instead. And you do not have to do the daily memory verses. So it is flexible.


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