HSBA Homeschool Blog Awards Voting open!


Thank you so much everyone! I’m so excited! HSBA Best Homeschool Blog Awards voting is now open and COAH has been nominated for the following categories! You can vote by clicking the links below: Best Super Homeschooler Best Blog Design I am always honored to be nominated for these awards, and would also appreciate your continued support! As my blog has grown I don’t always have time to respond to comments individually, but I do read them and I’m so encouraged by all of your comments and emails. So thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart! Your support means so much to my family and I and it makes our homeschool blog ministry worth every minute! The HSBA Post Awards are also a great way to find new homeschooling blogs that you may have not heard of before! They have 20 different categories with several blogs in each one, so make sure to check out their voting page and visit some of the amazing homeschooling blogs out there! To see all of the HSBA 2014 voting … [Read more...]


2015 Blog Planner–FREE!


Good morning fellow bloggers!  If you’re looking for a colorful, and complete blog planner, look no further. It’s that time of year again… and the new 2015 Blog Planner has arrived! YAY! And it’s FREE! Double YAY! And also, what the heck? Where did 2014 go? Has anyone seen it? I must’ve been busy homeschooling, because I think I missed it. Thankfully I filled out my 2014 Blog Planner, so I can look back and see that I actually did do some serious blogging this year, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So if you’re ready to get going for the new year, keep reading!   As you can see I went with the calendar layout for this planner and added some extra info on the opposing page. It includes Monthly Statistics, websites and inspiration, post ideas and notes, tweets, pinterest pins, and additional notes.   Print & Assemble: After downloading, I print the planner double-sided by printing the odd pages starting with page 1. Then flip the pages … [Read more...]


Get all of my Facebook Feeds!


Hi sweet readers! I’ve had a few people say they're not getting my Facebook feeds all of the time. Unfortunately Facebook likes to only deliver my posts to a few of you without me paying for advertising. Get My Notifications: If you’d like to see what we’re up to, you can visit the Confessions of a Homeschooler Facebook page, make sure you have clicked “Like” to subscribe. The button should then say “Liked” and if you click the little drop down arrow next to it there is a “Get Notifications” selection that will make sure the posts go to your feed! I hope that helps! And thank you so much for all of your encouragement, Confessions wouldn’t be any fun with out all of you!! Yes, I mean YOU, reading this post. THANK YOU! And I’ll be back next week with some fun giveaways, recipes, and a DIY fall tutorial! … [Read more...]


iBlog & iBlog Pro Bundle Sale!


Hi everyone, are you thinking about starting a blog? Do you wonder how to make some extra income for your family at the same time? Well, we have iBlog and iBlog Pro bundled for you at a discount yipee! But you’ll have to hurry the sale ends April 20th at midnight!   Disclosure: I am a contributing author for the iBlog ebooks. The link to purchase this eBook is an affiliate link and I will receive a percentage of the sale from purchases completed through my link. iBlog: I think the best way for me to explain the awesomeness of this book is to share our Table of Contents. There are 37 chapters with close to 400 pages full of helpful of information. I’ve teamed up with 30 other top bloggers to produce this new eBook! This resource is basically a blogger’s “how-to” manual to help you start and maintain a successful blog. It’s literally packed full of tips and advice from 30 influential and successful bloggers. We bloggers share everything we have learned along our blogging … [Read more...]


iBlog Pro Now Available!


Hi everyone! I have exciting news today! My 2nd collaborative blogging book has been released! It’s called iBlog Pro: Taking your blog to the next level! There are 49 chapters packed full of amazing blogging tips, tricks, and technical information on how you can create an awesome blog! It was created by 30 top bloggers. This bad boy really gets to the nitty-gritty of blogging. Topics like how your blog can make money for you, how to maximize your time, setting up a business, accounting and taxes (ugh), working with vendors and sponsors, creating and selling products, and more are included in this amazing resource! It also includes chapters on Technology and Tools, managing and mastering social media, creating your own ebook, productivity, writing motivation, and the best blogging conferences! Seriously I can’t tell you how much information is packed in this book! I have even learned a thing or two myself! I’ve had so many questions from you all that are … [Read more...]


2013 HSBA Blog Awards Voting Open!


Hi everyone! It’s that time again! Time to show some blogging love to your favorite homeschool bloggers through the HSBA Post Homeschool Blog Awards!     Every year HSBA Post hosts these fun awards! They gather a bunch of awesome sponsors and prizes to bless your favorite bloggers! It’s also a great way to see some of the new bloggers and find more great homeschool blogs to help you in your homeschooling journey! So before you vote, make sure to visit some of the blogs listed and help support them with your vote! You can vote daily from November 4 – 18, 2013 at 11:59p.m. EST, so make sure to stop by and cast your vote today! This year, I am honored to be nominated for 4 different categories, and I would love your support! Best SUPER Homeschooler! Best Blog Design Best Nitty Gritty Homeschooler Best Variety Blog Thank you all for nominating Confessions of a Homeschooler! I’m so blessed and honored to be included in the awards this year! … [Read more...]


Weekly Blog Planner – FREE


Hello everyone! Last week I released my new  2014 Colorful Blog Planner! And as promised, today I have the Weekly Blog Planner. This was a specific requests from a few readers who really prefer to plan their blogs on a weekly basis instead of seeing a whole month at a time. --> Click here to download the Weekly Blog Planner FREE! <-- As you can see I went with a weekly layout for this planner and added some extra info on the opposing page. It includes blog statistics, websites and inspiration, post ideas and notes, tweets, pinterest pins, and additional notes. Although this planner does have a 2014 year at a glance, it doesn’t have any dates so you can print and use as needed no matter what year it is! Print & Assemble: After downloading, print the planner by printing the odd pages starting with page 1. Then flip the pages and print the even pages on the backs. Next take the document to the Office Supply store and have them spiral bind it. I spent $3.50 … [Read more...]


2014 Monthly Blog Planner – FREE


Hello everyone! Okay, so I know that all of you bloggers out there have eagerly been awaiting the 2014 Colorful Blog Planner!  And today is finally the day! Whoo hoo! Okay, maybe I’m more excited than some of you, but I am really enjoying this colorful planner laying around on my desk. it actually inspires me to blog just because I like to write in my planner! The only thing I haven’t quite perfected is that I love these Foray Colored pens, this on is the perfect green color. Unfortunately I tend to move posts around quite a bit since I blog in advance. So…use pretty colorful pen…or use ugly pencil so I can move posts…ugh. And yes I’ve tried colored pencils. But they don’t write as nicely. And don’t come in this green that I’m loving. What a dilemma. Okay, moving on! --> Click here to download the 2014 Colorful Blog Planner FREE! <-- As you can see I went with the calendar layout for this planner and added some extra info on the opposing page. It includes … [Read more...]


OCC $10 Back-to-School Challenge!


Pencils, Pens, and Rulers! Oh My! Oh my goodness, I am in LOVE with school supplies. I’m not sure what it is about fresh pencils, pens, notebooks, clean paper, and the like. But back-to-school is literally one of my favorite times of the year!   Except this year because I think my summer forgot to visit our house. I’m not sure where July went, but ya, she’s gone! (Sorry, I’ve been watching a lot of Duck Dynasty lately.) Moving on… As you can imagine, I was a bit taken aback when I started seeing school supplies appear in the isles of almost every store. But it didn’t take long for that feeling of excitement to take over! Join us in the $10 Back-to-School OCC Challenge! This year when you’re having fun rummaging through all of the bright and colorful school supplies, I’d like to encourage you to join  me in the $10 Back-to-School Challenge with Samaritan’s Purse Bloggers.   What is the $10 Back-to-School Challenge? With all of the great deals going on right … [Read more...]


Calling All Homeschoolers!


  Hello awesome readers. Today I come to you with a cry for support. Thank you to so many of you who supported last week’s blog post about honoring copyright. Unfortunately, this action ruffled some feathers of one of the Facebook groups in question. They’ve chosen to have their members report my Confessions of a Homeschooler Facebook account as abusive and Facebook has disabled my account in response. PLEASE HELP! Today I come to you with a cry for support to have my account reinstated. I don’t know if it will work or not, but I’m hoping if we flood Facebook with requests they may take notice. I’m currently trying to appeal to Facebook to get the account reinstated and would appreciate any support you are comfortable giving! If you feel led to support my cause, please use hashtag: #WeLoveCoah Feel free to copy and paste any of the tweet/FB posts below, or create your own! Please Reinstate for … [Read more...]