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2016 Free Yearly Blog Planner

Good morning!  I was filling out some information for my blog the other day, and needed to write something in for January 2016. It was then that it dawned on me that 2015 was almost over! Which also means that it’s time for a brand new blog planner! So for all of you bloggers out there, my new 2016 Blog…

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Spring Cleaning!!

Good morning readers! You may have noticed a slight…okay drastic…change over here at the Confessions website! I don’t know about you, but I always get a hankering for some good old fashioned spring cleaning this time of year. And my blog is no different! I’ve been wanting to update it for a while now, but with the blog, store, and…

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Visit me on Instagram!

Hi everyone! I’m excited to announce that I’ve finally caught up with the Instagram train and decided to hop on! For a long time I just didn’t have time to figure out another social media outlet, but I think I’ve mostly figured it out and am having lots of fun over there! Blogging takes some time, but Instagram is fast!…

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2015 Weekly Blog Planner – FREE!

Hi everyone! Last week I released my new  2015 Colorful Blog Planner! I’ve had a bunch of requests to update a 2015 Weekly Blog Planner as well, so here you go! This was a specific requests from a few readers who really prefer to plan their blogs on a weekly basis instead of seeing a whole month at a time.…

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HSBA Homeschool Blog Awards Voting open!

Thank you so much everyone! I’m so excited! HSBA Best Homeschool Blog Awards voting is now open and COAH has been nominated for the following categories! You can vote by clicking the links below: Best Super Homeschooler Best Blog Design I am always honored to be nominated for these awards, and would also appreciate your continued support! As my blog…

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2015 Blog Planner–FREE!

Good morning fellow bloggers!  If you’re looking for a colorful, and complete blog planner, look no further. It’s that time of year again… and the new 2015 Blog Planner has arrived! YAY! And it’s FREE! Double YAY! And also, what the heck? Where did 2014 go? Has anyone seen it? I must’ve been busy homeschooling, because I think I missed…

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Get all of my Facebook Feeds!

Hi sweet readers! I’ve had a few people say they’re not getting my Facebook feeds all of the time. Unfortunately Facebook likes to only deliver my posts to a few of you without me paying for advertising. Get My Notifications: If you’d like to see what we’re up to, you can visit the Confessions of a Homeschooler Facebook page, make…

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iBlog & iBlog Pro Bundle Sale!

Hi everyone, are you thinking about starting a blog? Do you wonder how to make some extra income for your family at the same time? Well, we have iBlog and iBlog Pro bundled for you at a discount yipee! But you’ll have to hurry the sale ends April 20th at midnight!   Disclosure: I am a contributing author for the…

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iBlog Pro Now Available!

Hi everyone! I have exciting news today! My 2nd collaborative blogging book has been released! It’s called iBlog Pro: Taking your blog to the next level! There are 49 chapters packed full of amazing blogging tips, tricks, and technical information on how you can create an awesome blog! It was created by 30 top bloggers. This bad boy really gets…

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2013 HSBA Blog Awards Voting Open!

Hi everyone! It’s that time again! Time to show some blogging love to your favorite homeschool bloggers through the HSBA Post Homeschool Blog Awards!     Every year HSBA Post hosts these fun awards! They gather a bunch of awesome sponsors and prizes to bless your favorite bloggers! It’s also a great way to see some of the new bloggers…

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Weekly Blog Planner – FREE

Hello everyone! Last week I released my new  2014 Colorful Blog Planner! And as promised, today I have the Weekly Blog Planner. This was a specific requests from a few readers who really prefer to plan their blogs on a weekly basis instead of seeing a whole month at a time. –> Click here to download the Weekly Blog Planner…

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2014 Monthly Blog Planner – FREE

Hello everyone! Okay, so I know that all of you bloggers out there have eagerly been awaiting the 2014 Colorful Blog Planner!  And today is finally the day! Whoo hoo! Okay, maybe I’m more excited than some of you, but I am really enjoying this colorful planner laying around on my desk. it actually inspires me to blog just because…

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