Lakeshore Learning Real Bugs Discovery Kit


One of our favorite outside activities to do is explore. We’ll often bring our science journals out and take nature walks making note of all of the amazing creations God has made.   And in the summer time, bugs are one of our favorites. Luckily we live by a lake, and so that means that we have quite a variety of bugs to investigate. And a rather large quantity of them as well, so they’re fairly easy to locate. However being the cautious mom that I am, I don’t always want my kids picking up and inspecting bugs up close. Plus it’s just gross. And apparently also very interesting to younger members in this family! So you can imagine how excited I was when Lakeshore Learning offered to send us this Real Bugs Discovery Kit! The bugs are safely encased in indestructible acrylic, so that kids can explore these little guys up close and personal! Without getting bitten or ending up with nasty guts all over the place.   That makes this mama happy! And honestly I was super … [Read more...]


2015 Rocky Mountain Airshow


  Hi everyone! This year we had the privilege of watching the 2015 Rocky Mountain Airshow from our back patio! No kidding! What a cool thing right? Plus there were a zillion people on the beach area and I heard parking was a nightmare, so we were extra thankful to be located where we were. So of course we invited some friends and family over. Had a huge BBQ and watched some amazing pilots do an astonishing airshow for everyone! Plus living near the show site we also got to watch them practice which was just as fun. I think they were messing around a little bit more during practice, and we saw some cool stuff. Some of which I didn’t get with my camera because I didn’t actually realize they were going to be practicing until I heard a huge boom and my house started shaking. Of course we ran outside to see what the ruckus was and had the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds flying right over our home.  The Teeny Tot and I sat outside enjoying the practice. But you had to keep an eye … [Read more...]


July 2015 Monthly Meal Plan


July. Seriously? When did that happen? Last thing I knew we were finally done with school for the year and I was looking forward to enjoying some down time. And now it’s already July! Which means we only have a few more weeks before school starts back up. That also means that I need to get planning. Don’t worry I’ll post my new curriculum choices and schedules soon! And as you all know, I don’t like to have to constantly be thinking about meal times. So my monthly meal plan helps me enjoy my days and not worry about what’s for dinner! Hope my monthly meal plans help you as much as they do me! Download the July 2015 May Monthly Meal Plan: 2015 July Monthly Meal Plan PDF 2015 July Monthly Meal Plan Word Doc (Editable) If you haven’t already used this before, you can click on any of the underlined menu items to get to the recipe. I hope this helps all you homeschooling warriors who are in the final stretch of the year! For more fun recipes, visit my Recipes Page! … [Read more...]


2015-2016 Student Lesson Planner


Hi everyone! It’s about that time again! Time to get planning for the 2015-2016 school year. And to help you out, I have a colorful planner that you can use for your own planning, or for your students to help keep track of assignments, grades, reading, and any appointments or activities that you  might need!   --> Get your 2015-2016 5x7 Homeschool Planner Here!! <--   What’s included? This planner includes colorful weekly planner pages for the 2014-2015 school year Planner runs from August 2015 - July 2016 2015-2016 year at a glance pages Monthly overview pages Weekly planning pages Notes pages A reading logs for each month Grade book to help keep track of grades for the year Goals and To Do list   The planner prints 5×7, so half sheet size. That makes it much easier to tote around in a backpack, purse, or in your car! And there are plenty of places to write in daily activities, notes, and assignments for you or your … [Read more...]


The Allowance Game Review


Are your kiddos whining that there’s nothing to do for summer yet? Mine are! I think they started saying they were bored after about 5 minutes into our summer vacation LOL! If that’s you, make sure to check out my whole series on summer boredom busters to help give you some ideas. Lakeshore Learning also has a whole section of free craft ideas for kids on their website too! I love doing family game time when there’s inclement weather, or if it’s just way too hot outside to head out. Of course we love the old classics like Sorry, Monopoly, Life, Chess, and Scrabble. And recently I found this fun game from Lakeshore Learning that they really enjoyed playing. It’s called “Allowance” and players earn or spend money as they travel around the board. It’s a fun and relatively fast paced game. It’s also great money counting practice as well. I have a 20% off coupon just for you all too! (Good through 8/31/15 only) Yipee!! Disclosure: I received this product free for review … [Read more...]


Grapevine Bible Studies Video Review


Hi everyone! I have another video review for you today, this time on the Grapevine Bible Studies curriculum. We’ve used Grapevine studies for several years now, and I think we’ve done just about all of the ones they have available. Thankfully they just released a new one this year, so we’ll be adding that to our 2015 curriculum list!   Grapevine studies are really easy and fun to do. I like that they require little to no preparation on my part as well. That means I can just open my teacher’s manual and go! Here’s a short video I did showing what the Grapevine Bible Study curriculum looks like, and how we use it in our homeschool! Hope you enjoy…   Scheduling: Grapevine offers a sample schedule in the front of their units, however we just adjust them to fit our needs. We do not do one lesson per day as some of the lessons are several pages long. Instead we simply start the lesson, then end it wherever makes sense in the reading or based on how long it … [Read more...]


Ellison SuperStar Giveaway!


Hi everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying your summer, I know we are! I always use my summers to chill out, relax, have fun with the family, and of course plan for next year! As most of you know we will be using my Expedition Earth World Geography curriculum this year again. Everyone has been begging me to do it again, and now that my Teeny Tot is older I wanted to give her a chance to experience it too.   Along with my preparations, Ellison Education has offered to send me one of their AllStar SuperStar machines, plus some dies to help me get ready for my year! They have some amazing dies for the classroom, and I picked out a few that I thought would go well with my geography curriculum as well. I chose the AllStar SuperStar machine, the Continents dies, and the Earth book template.  Since we’re using my Expedition Earth curriculum I thought it would be fun to make earth books as well as our own world maps using their dies. They literally have so many dies to choose … [Read more...]


Expedition Earth Video Review


Get ready for an exciting voyage across the world! Come along as we walk on the Great Wall of China, wander through the Amazon Rainforest, and climb the Egyptian Pyramids! Within this curriculum you’ll discover the sights and sounds of 31 countries across the globe. You’ll get hands-on with fun activities, crafts, recipes and more! So grab your passports, and get ready to go! It’s time for Expedition Earth! We’ll be using this for our Geography and Science this year, so I hope you’ll join in with us! And since I’ve had so many requests, I decided to do a video to show you some of the fun things included in this curriculum! Check out my video review of Expedition Earth World Geography   Want more information? Check out Expedition Earth: A Journey Through God’s World So what is Expedition Earth: A Journey Through God’s World? Expedition Earth is a hands on world geography curriculum that covers 31 countries across the world. It is designed primarily for … [Read more...]


Summer Bridge For Kids a.k.a. Make sure they don’t forget it all


Do your kids tend to forget everything over the summer? I can’t really blame them, I tend to do the same thing.   That’s why I like to pull out our Carson-Dellosa Summer Bridge activity books. They’re great for covering a range of skills for each grade level. And they’re also relatively fun, colorful, and have a variety of activities to work on. I like to pull them out randomly over our summer break just to keep skills fresh. And honestly they’re also a great way to alleviate a little summer boredom as well. And no, Carson-Dellosa didn’t pay me to say all that! We’ve used these books over our summer break for awhile now, and love them! Well I love them. I can’t say the kids LOVE doing school over the summer. But I think even they like a little something to do here and there. We also try to go on a lot of outings, field trips, and things like that. Just to get out of the house, have a little fun, and hopefully learn a little in the process! But shhhh! Don’t tell my kids … [Read more...]


School’s Out For Summer!!


Good morning everyone! If you follow me in Instagram, you probably already know that we’re officially out of school for the summer! And thank goodness because this mama is in serious need of a B R E A K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At the start of the year I’m always energized, excited, and ready to rock-n-roll. Then I slowly start to fizzle out as the year progresses. I don’t know what it is about the end of the year. It’s like the culmination of all of the school days, sports, and other activities have all piled on top of me and I can barely keep my head above water! So when the sweet relief of the end of the year rolls around I seriously REJOICE! Then I let out a big sigh…. Then I stare at a blank wall for about 10 minutes… Then…   Then I go to the pool… And that’s where we’re headed right now! I plan to spend most of the summer relaxing and having fun with my family. My husband has taken some time off this summer as well, so we might just hop in the car and head … [Read more...]